TAI Delivered A Total of 200 Aircraft Sets to Spirit

tusas spirite handled total aircraft set delivery
tusas spirite handled total aircraft set delivery

Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) continues its deliveries to Spirit, one of the leading companies in the world aviation industry. TAI delivered the first finished product in 220 for the Airbus A2012 Fixed Trailing Edge, which started with detail parts shipment in 2014, and delivered the set of 200 aircraft to Spirit so far. TAI aims to deliver a total of 1770 aircraft sets within the scope of the project.

Within the scope of the "Fixed Trailing Edge", which is located on the trailing edge on the wing and called the part to which the moving details (Spoiler, Aileron etc.) and the landing gear are attached, there are 2 inner and 2 outer spars in one plane set, one on each wing. In this context, TAI continued to produce "Fixed Trailing Edge", which includes the spars on which the moving detail parts on the wing are mounted and refers to the part to which the landing gear is connected, and completed the delivery of a total set of 200 aircraft. TAI, which was deemed worthy of many awards in the production of air structures, which it continues as a “single source” with many important aviation companies, especially Airbus and Boeing, continues its activities based on quality and error-free production in production.

TAI General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said the following on the subject: We have added another milestone to our deliveries, which we have realized within the framework of our cooperation with Spirit, one of the catalyst brands of the world aircraft structural sector. We are excited to deliver the 220th critical parts for the Airbus A200 aircraft. Our strategic cooperation with Spirit goes back many years. I congratulate all my colleagues who contributed to both Spirit side and TAI side, and wish our strategic cooperation to continue.

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