Turkey's First Fourth Generation University Aselsan Academy

Turkey's first fourth generation university aselsan academy
Turkey's first fourth generation university aselsan academy

The change of universities, which have undergone two separate transformations in the last century, continues, new applications are implemented to keep up with the increasing speed of technology. The first generation universities, which were purely educational institutions, were replaced first by the second generation, who undertook the scientific research mission, and then by the third generation universities, which had the goal of transferring the outputs of science to the industry.

As a leader in our country's technology and trained human resources, ASELSAN has taken the leadership role in this transformation and successfully continues the fourth generation university model ASELSAN Academy, which takes the cooperation between Industry and Academy one step further, under the auspices of YÖK. In this model that ensures the uninterrupted continuity of industry-university cooperation:

  • Industry; defines the need, provides researchers, provides laboratory facilities;
  • Universities; lectures with experienced scientists and directs thesis studies;
  • Output; It is transferred to the industry not only as information and technology, but also as added value to the employee.

Our Electronics, Electrical, Computer, Mechanical and Materials Engineers, who design and implement ASELSAN products, bring scientific innovations and advanced technology applications to their projects during their graduate education; It enables them to carry out thesis studies that directly contribute to the nationalization target of our country, increase their competitive advantage and help to eliminate the export restriction.


Thanks to the cooperation model established; The laboratory, research, integration and test infrastructure owned by ASELSAN, with a total value of more than 1.5 Billion TL, is offered to the use of universities. Experienced ASELSAN employees also support the Academy program by undertaking a technology mentor or second consultancy role.

The ASELSAN Academy TOHUM Support Program, which will be implemented in the near future, will enable the thesis studies to be handled as an ASELSAN-University cooperation project, the additional material/infrastructure needs to be determined and provided rapidly, thereby accelerating scientific studies. kazanit paves the way.


Growing and renewing with the approach of sustainable development and sustainable benefit, ASELSAN Academy started the new term with 90 courses and 710 students in total. While the efficiency of the course and thesis processes of all students is kept high by mentoring mechanisms, the course pool is created by considering ASELSAN's technological interests.

Postgraduate courses in the ASELSAN Academy program are held at ASELSAN campuses. In this way, for the first time, an industrial enterprise is in the position of the outer campus of more than one university (Gazi University, Gebze Technical University, Istanbul Technical University and Middle East Technical University).

Within the framework of the effective partnership provided by ASELSAN Academy, more employees receive a researcher perspective by taking postgraduate education. kazanhe's eating. This investment in people also strengthens the qualified personnel infrastructure required for advanced technology moves.

The Aselsan Academy Program is carried out in accordance with the Postgraduate Education Regulations and rules determined by the Graduate School of Science of the universities, and the students obtain the graduate or doctorate diplomas of the universities they complete their obligations at the end of the program.

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