Turkish Cargo Adds Germany's Technology Capital Munich to Its Cargo Flight Network

turkish cargo added to the technology capital of germany munihi cargo flight network
turkish cargo added to the technology capital of germany munihi cargo flight network

Turkish Cargo, the rapidly growing air cargo brand among global air cargo carriers, strengthens its flight network with the air cargo bridges it has built.

After Frankfurt, Turkish Cargo has added Munich, the economic metropolis of Germany, among its destinations where it operates direct cargo flights. The successful air cargo brand continues to increase the number of destinations it has direct cargo flights with the cargo flights it will launch to Munich on May 7.

Turkish Airlines Deputy General Manager (Cargo) Turhan Özen said, “With this new destination we have added to our flight network, Munich is a first-class business center, as well as making a significant contribution to the air cargo transportation needs of the market, as well as providing a stable and reliable global air cargo brand. we offer cooperation.

As Turkish Cargo, we resolutely continue our critical role in the development of our country and in increasing the competitiveness of global trade, not only with the transportation we carry out, but also with the opportunities we produce, the areas we open, the sectors we contribute to the development of, and the large logistics ecosystem we have created. "

Munich, considered the technology capital of Germany; It hosts market leaders of sectors such as automotive, electronics, medical and biotechnology. Turkish Cargo aims to strengthen the air cargo bridge it has established between Europe and the Middle East with the reliable, fast and direct air transportation it offers to companies and logistics service providers in the region with Airbus A330F type wide body cargo aircraft on IST-MUC-IST cargo flights.

Connecting continents, Turkish Cargo continues to carry out global business processes with its fleet of 96 aircraft, 25 of which are direct cargo, and has the world's largest direct cargo plane network, consisting of 363 destinations among air cargo brands, excluding express carriers. Achieving sustainable growth with its infrastructure, operational capabilities, fleet and expert teams and aiming to be one of the top 3 air cargo brands in the world, Turkish Cargo continues to improve its service quality in a constantly changing world by developing pioneering projects in the field of digitalization and innovation with its innovation mission.

turkish cargo added to the technology capital of germany munihi cargo flight network

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