Railway Will Pass Over Channel Istanbul

The foundation of the first bridge to be built on the canal istanbul route will be laid in june
Railway Will Pass Over Channel Istanbul

While the foundation of the first of the six bridges planned to be built on the Canal Istanbul route is planned to be laid next month, two of the bridges will also have railways. There will be a rail system on the ground floor of the bridges and vehicle traffic on the upper floor.

The foundation of the first of the six bridges planned to be built on the Kanal Istanbul route, which was announced to be hit in June, will also be laid at the end of next month. In the studies carried out so far, 100 bridges have been planned; the D-20 connected to Büyükçekmece, the second one to the TEM, the third to the Northern Marmara, the state road, the municipal road and the airport connection D-6 to the north. The costs of the bridges were calculated as approximately 6 billion dollars. In addition, railways are planned to be passed through two of the bridges. It was learned that some bridges were built as double-storey, there was a departure and return rail system on the lower floor, and there were efforts to arrange for vehicles to pass on the upper floor.


On the other hand, the Channel Istanbul Administration Directorate, which will operate under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, will be established to carry out the Kanal Istanbul Project. TOKI, Emlak Konut, Highways, Railways, Infrastructure Investments General Directorates will be the stakeholders of the presidency. Stakeholders will cooperate in the work related to the project.


While transportation-related works are being carried out, steps regarding infrastructure will also be taken. One of these steps will be related to water, which is increasing in importance. While the amount of water to be lost due to the Kanal Istanbul project is calculated as 32,7 million cubic meters, much more of the water lost in Sazlıdere will be transferred from Melen with the Melen project, which will provide a total of 1,8 billion cubic meters of water to Istanbul annually. With the commissioning of Balaban Dam to be built within the scope of the project, different alternative water resources will be delivered to the region. Thus, with the two new dams to be built within the scope of the project, Istanbul's water capacity will also increase.

Source: Newspaper Turkey

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