Masters from the Capital Unearth the Historical Heritage of Ankara Castle

the historical heritage of the ankara castle comes to light
the historical heritage of the ankara castle comes to light

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the restoration works of 1 buildings in 37 parcels, 58 of which are registered, with the Ankara Castle “İçkale 91st Stage Street Improvement Project”. Within the scope of the project, the masters of Başkent, who worked hard to give a new identity to the castle without damaging the historical texture, are restoring their Ankara houses in accordance with the original.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the rehabilitation works that it started in Ankara Castle in order to bring the history of the capital to light and carry it to future generations.

The Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage is meticulously carrying out restoration works within the scope of the “İçkale 91st Stage Street Improvement Project” in order to bring 1 buildings into tourism in the Ankara Castle İçhisar Area.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its efforts to unearth the historical heritage and values ​​in Ankara, aims to revive the capital tourism with the rehabilitation works in Ankara Castle.

While the project, which will also contribute to the economy of the castle craftsmen, is gaining momentum day by day, the capital's masters take part in the restoration of the historical space.


The masters of Başkent, who worked hard in the restoration of Ankara Castle, are also witnessing the history by taking part in this project.

Ankara Castle, which is prepared to be a center of attraction with the efforts and interest of many people, from citizens to shopkeepers, from home owners to employees who restore the castle, will thus gain a new identity and host future generations.


While the restoration works are progressing rapidly, artisans and masters from the capital, who follow the works closely and with interest as well as local and foreign tourists, express their thoughts as follows:

-Gülsüm Injured: “I come to the castle often. When I look at it, it is made without spoiling the historical artifact. It used to be ruined and dangerous, but after the studies are over, we will be able to travel safely. I'm sure it will attract more attention as it stands. Thanks for everyone who has contributed efforts."

-Recep Erdemir (Host): “I have been living in Kale Mahallesi since 1980. Walls were maintained in the past, but the houses were not maintained at all. We were ashamed of the tourists coming here because of the ruins of these places, we were afraid. It was started to be built by the Metropolitan Municipality with a project that is true to the original. This is a great service for Ankara Castle. I express my gratitude to my Mansur president. "

-Sabahattin Genç (Host): “Our homes were in very bad condition. We couldn't or could not do it. The houses were uninhabitable inside. Such an opportunity was given here, it was very good. Working masters also work heartily and work hard. "

-Erdal Officer (Tradesman): “I have a gift shop. The outer castle was formerly built, but the inner castle remained and the tourists were halfway to come and come back, and they were afraid that it was collapsed. The castle was orphaned, the castle was orphaned, the castle was unattended. Mansur said that when I listened to a speech by the president, we had a surprise about Kale, so that was his surprise. God bless you."

-Asunur Prosecutor: “I love the castle and I come constantly. Before, we could not enter the side streets, everywhere was in ruins, now it has become safer. "

-Yaşar Dönmez (Groove and Chimney master): “I am doing the gutter and chimney works of the roof. We are trying to produce solid works by preserving the historical texture. The mood of working in historical places is different. We are witnessing the past and the experience, and this makes us emotional. I also have manual labor and I am happy to work in a historical building. "

-Murat Söyler (Construction worker): “I carry and clean all the debris and rubble there is in the castle. I am proud to be involved in this historical project. We will leave a clean castle to Ankara. "



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