Taşucu Seka Port Should Be Connected to the Central Anatolia Region by Railway

Tasucu Seka port should be connected to central Anatolia by railway
Tasucu Seka port should be connected to central Anatolia by railway

Hasan Engin, the President of MESİAD, requested that Taşucu Seka Port, for which the privatization tender has been announced, be connected to the Central Anatolia Region by rail and said, "The economic value of our region will increase if Taşucu Port, which is strategically important for the Eastern Mediterranean, is connected to Central Anatolia."

Mersin Industrialists and Business People Association (MESİAD) Chairman Hasan Engin, in a statement about Taşucu Port, which has been declared for privatization, asked that it be connected to the Central Anatolia Region by rail. Engin said that if Taşucu Seka Port is activated, aluminum and mineral productions produced in Konya Seydişehir district will be exported from here, as well as agricultural and bulk cargoes, adding that if the port-connected Konya-Karaman-Silifke-Taşucu railway project is made, the region will be the port base. Engin said, "The project design and construction of the Konya-Karaman-Silifke-Taşucu railway together with the Ulukışla Aksaray railway will increase the economic value of our region and Turkey," said Engin.


Stating that the technical features of Taşucu Port should be improved, President Engin said, “With the activation of Taşucu Seka Port, the economic value of our region will increase. It will be an export and import port for the Central Anatolia Region. The port with a pier depth of 10 meters is also suitable for use by ferries and Ro-Ro ships. The port can also serve all ships with a length of 200 meters. With a concrete field of 118 thousand square meters and 3 closed warehouses of 9 thousand square meters, 1000 tons of bulk cargo can be loaded per day at Seka Port. Improvement of technical features and shipyard docks will increase mobility in the port. In addition, the economy of the idle Seka Paper Factory area kazanThe construction of this area and even the use of this area as a free zone will increase added value and employment.


Saying that “Taşucu Seka Port has a strategic importance in terms of Turkey's gas exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean”, President Engin said, “The materials and supply products of the natural gas (hydrocarbon) exploration works carried out in the Eastern Mediterranean are sent from this port. If there are natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean in the upcoming period, the ship traffic in the Mediterranean will increase. "With the activation of Taşucu Seka Port in Mersin, the port and logistics city, the value of both our city and our country will increase."


Drawing attention to the increase in economic value and employment in the region with the establishment of a shipyard in the port for maintenance, repair, painting and similar operations, Engin said, “There is no shipyard in the Mediterranean to carry out the maintenance and repair of the ships, which indicates the need for a shipyard in the Mediterranean. The shipyard area is ready in Tasucu Seka Port. With the activation of the shipyard area and the deepening of the shipyard pools, our region will be revitalized in sectoral terms. "Ships that have to go to other cities and countries for repair will save both economically and time."

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