How to Make a Promotional Film?

Promotion film
Promotion film

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Introductory film is one of the communication tools used by companies and different institutions to reach their target audiences in the corporate world. This critical tool, also referred to as a corporate promotional film, enables organizations to convey their services, products or corporate structures to their audiences with the right main message and powerful visual and audio elements in the competitive world. Moreover, this promotion, which takes place in just a few minutes, is also very advantageous in that the viewers can focus and access the information they need in a short time. A good promotional film must have a strong story and flow, as well as factors such as interesting effects, music, voiceover, technical team and technology use.

Corporate Promotional Film Shooting

The promotional film shooting process is a critical process that must be carried out meticulously and where many factors coexist. The purpose, vision and mission of the institution should be thoroughly investigated before shooting the promotional film, and the videos made beforehand, if any, should be examined. Then, in order to start the process, an organization-specific project manager must be appointed to carry out the entire process. After the selection of a manager who will support the institution in all processes from budget design to finalization of the video, the creative script writing cycle begins with the creative team. After the original script writing and approval process, it's time to shoot. A skilled and experienced technical team and the use of state-of-the-art equipment are required in order to achieve the most successful result in shooting. At this point, different effects, audio and visual technologies and integrated imaging systems are used according to the needs of the institution. Then, with the editing stage, the video is finalized and after approval, it is broadcast on the aforementioned channels.

Promotional Film Features

The most important factor determining the success factor in promotional films is a strong script and fiction. A promotional film that can deliver the corporate message in the most effective and correct way, retains its audience and benefits, makes it possible to create sales and interaction transformation in this way. The state-of-the-art effects, visual and sound design used in these films have a great effect on increasing the attractiveness. In addition, production and post-production processes should be carried out with the same meticulousness, and care should be taken to ensure that the team that will work in the video processes is experienced and talented. Other factors that can be used for integrity and interest in promotional films are the use of music and vocalization. The message to be conveyed with a powerful sound can attract more people's attention and make it easier to reach the goal. The promotional film can be of different types. Films such as corporate promotional films, school promotional films, hotel promotional films, university promotional films, animated promotional films, company and factory promotional films can be used in different fields.

Promotional Film Prices

Promotional films vary according to the scope of the project, the technology to be used and the business needs. Again, the experience and abilities of the team to be preferred in the video process, visual and auditory effects, differences in editing, editing, music and dubbing processes also affect the prices. After such factors are taken into account, the promotional film price can be determined. After this process, it's time promotional film price Comes to the bidding process. In the flow that will continue with the project manager, a price quote is created according to the needs and shared with the customer. After the approved proposal, video processes can be started. 


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