Taksim Flowers Moved To Their New Locations Designed For Them

Taksim flowers moved to their new location designed for them
Taksim flowers moved to their new location designed for them

The florists, one of the figures identified with the history of Taksim square, moved to their new locations designed for them. Florists, who have been serving in Taksim Cumhuriyet Square for more than 80 years in the barracks adjacent to the historical maxem wall, will no longer be affected by the weather conditions and will be able to serve in more human conditions.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality provided a new area for 9 families who have been selling flowers in Taksim Square for generations. The florists, who have been selling in the barracks they have built up to this day, have now moved to their new places with more sheltered water and electricity systems. The florist shopkeepers, who have been working in makeshift areas for years, have attained a safe and healthy area they have long demanded. During the relocation process, Deputy Secretary General Mahir Polat, who made examinations in the newly established areas and met with florist shopkeepers, said that they will continue to support all laborers who contribute to the fabric of the city.


Mahir Polat stated that the tradesmen who have been selling flowers in their own barracks in Taksim Square for more than 80 years will now work under more humane conditions and that small tradesmen have a very important contribution to the fabric of Istanbul. Polat, who said that florists are the most valuable workers of city squares like Taksim, said, “The cities and squares are beautiful with the people who serve him, all kinds of small tradesmen have been working here for 10 years in Taksim Square, holding on to life. It is necessary to consider this as a texture, color, culture and identity of Istanbul. "I think we are doing a good service by adapting the florists with stronger ties without detaching them from the square."


Mahir Polat, who made examinations in the new area where the florists will move, explained that they made the area that had been vacant for a long time in the municipality by overhauling it to be qualified. Polat said, “While the places were left to rot empty and people were living in bad conditions, it was necessary to bring these two together. "We achieved this by making better designs." The florists who moved to their new glass-partitioned places right in front of the Taksim minibuses will no longer be in makeshift barracks but in areas designed for them. Thus, they will not leave Taksim square, where they have been selling for years, and will work in better, humane conditions. Polat stated that florists have been working under difficult conditions for many years and said that they are happy to provide them with physical spaces where they can meet their needs.


The tradesmen, who moved to their new place designed for them in the area where Taksim minibuses are located, just ahead of their previous place, closed their huts where they have been selling flowers for years. Mükerrem Baltacı, one of the florists who left the barracks in front of the wall with my historical mask, said, “Don't say flowers, sometimes you buy flowers just for yourself when you are happy or sad. We have been here for years, we will finally work in good conditions. The municipality saw us and said we are very happy. Derya Barun, who has been making a living by selling flowers in Taksim since 1973, said, “We were very cold in the barracks in the winter and hot in the summer. We provide our livelihood under difficult conditions, now we can enter our new place and stay, we have water and electricity, it was very nice for us, ”he said.


Mahir Polat, who said that the historical wall in the area where the barracks were removed will be repaired and evaluated, said that the facade of the masquerade wall will be improved with restoration and this facade will be used as an artistic exhibition area. Polat, adding that the works will start quickly, said, "I hope that after the closing days are over, when people come to Taksim, they will find a completely different facade, an environment where florists work in better conditions."

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