Securitas Makes a Difference in the Sector with Unimpeded Security

securitas makes a difference in the sector with unimpeded security
securitas makes a difference in the sector with unimpeded security

Securitas, the information leader in security, makes a difference in the sector with the Securitas Barrier-Free Project, which it has been conducting since 2013.

Securitas, which received the Awareness Award from the Turkish Disability Federation in 2015, carries out various activities to raise awareness on this issue both in the field and in its customers.

Securitas, which first organized its workspaces, received the “barrier-free office” certificate for its Head Office. He started working on making his other offices also suitable for this certificate. Aware that support for a life without barriers can not be provided only with accessible places, Securitas first started its awareness activities with its nearly 20 thousand employees.

While Securitas continues its activities with the Barrier-Free Project Volunteers, it has also worked to raise awareness in the organizations it serves. Providing Barrier-Free Communication and Sign Language trainings to security guards within the scope of pilot projects, Securitas aims to support the unimpeded life that the institutions it serves within themselves, with these trainings.

Secuitas, revising and publishing the Personal Safety Guide for the disabled within the scope of the project, continues to raise awareness by publishing regularly for the disabled.

Stating that they, as Securitas, are proud of being the first security company that supports "unimpeded security", Secuitas Turkey Country President Murat Kösereisoğlu said, “Our primary goal is always to empathize and please with the organizations we serve and their guests. With the Barrier-Free Project, we will make not only the spaces but also our communication with our guests unimpeded. Our security officers serving in the field will continue to receive special training to help disabled individuals and will support them to create a barrier-free environment. " said.

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