Referendum Proposal for Saros FSRU Ship Pier

Referendum proposal for saros fsru ship pier
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Saros Bay residents called for a public vote for the Saros FSRU Ship Pier, which is under construction between Gökçetepe and Sazlıdere Villages. Emphasizing that the environment should not be sacrificed in order to profit the economy, environmentalists stated that the public should be persuaded.

The following statements were made by Ahmet Dinçer of the plateau residents: “The FSRU Port, which was developed by Botaş two years ago and started to be constructed by the Limak company months ago, is continuing rapidly in the area of ​​Sazlıdere in Saros Bay.

As Mr. Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urbanization said while defending the Channel Istanbul Project, “Is this project a State and Nation” project? ...

The urgent expropriation decision taken on 17.07.2020 was notified to the landowners months after the construction started.

Since landowners are members of this nation, it means that in the projects presented as nation projects, the nation is informed lastly and the landowners are not asked whether they want these projects or not.

In short, I use your name in the project, but only I decide to do it.
As it is known, with the contributions of the local people and environmentalists, 165.000 electronically and 50.000 signatures collected through, the lawyers of the Keşan City Council and the Saros Volunteers group, Bülent Kaçar, have given power of attorney to Bülent Kaçar, thousands of property owners living in the region and have given the authority to file a lawsuit to stop this project.

Against the EIA is positive report received twice by Botaş, expert delegations of environmental experts gave a report that EIA is negative four times, and these were submitted to the Edirne Administrative Court and a stay of execution decision was requested.

Although all interim decisions have expired, Edirne Administrative Court still does not explain its reasoned decision.

Limak company, which turned the partial and complete closures, march and demonstration bans during the pandemic period into opportunities, continues the construction rapidly.

"Justice that comes late is not justice." Based on his statement, the people of the region are waiting for the positive or negative decision of the Edirne Administrative Court as soon as possible.

If this Project is indeed a State and Nation Project, ministers or statesmen related to this subject should tell the people of the region about the achievements of this facility to our country and the Saros Gulf and convince us.

Acting on the logic that I did it, we want them to remember how an innocent Fishing Shelter built 25 years ago on the Highland Coast despite all the opposition devoured the whole beach and harmed the environment.

FSRU PROJECT When 100.000 gross ton ships start to run around in this bay when it is finished, if one of the three self-cleaning gulfs of this world disappears after 30 years, who will account for this to the next generations.

It should be explained well whether it is intended to be done for economic or strategic reasons.

When this facility is finished, it is seen that Botaş, which will market its Natural Gas, especially Qatar, will distribute it, and Limak company that does the construction will win first. If the stored gas is transferred abroad, European countries will win.

The people of the region, whose only means of income are farming, fishing and tourism, will not earn anything since they do not create a large job, and in time, tourism, fishing and farming will also be negatively affected in the region.

While KTSO's efforts to increase tourism in the Gulf of Saros to 12 months are continuing, is it not contradictory to continue this project, which will cause an environmental disaster ?.

A while ago, our Governor Ekrem Canalp and our regional deputy Mr. Fatma Aksal made us very happy that the Enez Customs Gate will be activated again, and that an additional pier will be built at the Enez Port and that ferry and Ro Ro voyages will be started and tourism and trade will be accelerated.

As the people of the region, our expectation is to create employment and increase the activity of a flueless economy such as tourism to 12 months with new projects and contribute to the economy of the region and the country for centuries without harming the environment.

Limak company will build the Enez Keşan highway instead of working at the FSRU facility. More useful and larger tourism projects should be developed. e.g Halkalı Edirne high-speed train project connects to Enez from Uzunköprü via Keşan and İpsala.
It will greatly benefit the logistics and transportation works of the Organized Food Industry Zone to be built in the Paşayiğit region.

Even if we made a nostalgic train line that passes through the green while watching the blue of Saros coasts from Enez to Gallipoli by enlarging the project even more, wouldn't this region and our country be more profitable if we carried the Culture Tourism starting from Selimiye to the Enez Castle?

If the martyrdoms were visited from Enez to Gallipoli and Eceabat, wouldn't it be more correct to keep the 1915 spirit alive forever?

As a last word, I would like to say the following.

Dear Mustafa Helvacıoğlu, come to the Assembly meetings for the closure of the market place and the construction of the Haberdashery bazaar against the vote of the Nation alliance. PUBLIC VOTING I say how right he is when saying let's do it FSRU PROJECT All citizens living in the Saros Gulf will attend. PUBLIC VOTING done. "

(Maritime Magazine)



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