Samsun Smart City Traffic Safety Project Will Be Completed By 2023

samsun smart city traffic safety project will be completed until
samsun smart city traffic safety project will be completed until

In cooperation with Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and ASELSAN, the tender for the 'Smart City Traffic Safety Project', which will be implemented on the main arteries and boulevards of the city, was made. To the city in cooperation with ASELSAN kazanThe project will be completed by 2023. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who said that a first in Turkey in terms of scope and content, will be realized, stated that the importance of the project will be understood more clearly, instant radars will be lifted and the speed will increase.

Within the scope of the works completed in one year under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, the tender of the 'Smart City Traffic Safety Project' was held, which aims to modernize and make the geometries of the intersections that disrupt the traffic flow speed and synchronization on the existing road routes and to manage them with a digital system. Project; It will be managed over the digital system with artificial intelligence software and will bring order and quality to the public transportation system.

Kadir Gürkan, Head of the Transportation Department, said that they were very pleased with the completion of the tender process for the project, which will minimize accidents by eliminating all negative factors such as broken intersections, signalization and wrong parking that negatively affect traffic safety. Stating that the field investments will be started in a short time, Gürkan said, “Our project, which we created as a result of more than a year of hard work and feasibility, with the support of our Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, was tendered. tender kazanAn agreement will be signed with the company in the near future and investment preparations will begin. We aim to finish the project, which we will start from İsmet İnönü Boulevard, by 2023. In order to make the flow of traffic safe and efficient, we will work simultaneously with many institutions and organizations such as SASKİ, YEDAŞ, SAMGAZ, Süperonline and Türk Telekom in the modernization of infrastructure installations.”


Stating that they will mark a first in Turkey in terms of scope and content, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said that they attach great importance to the project. Stating that the importance will be understood more clearly when it comes to life, President Demir said, “We will have solved the majority of traffic and transportation problems with small touches. It will increase the speed of vehicles in motion, increase traffic safety and reduce accidents. It will make the entrances and exits in the south of the city faster. It will enable vehicles to travel longer distances by burning less fuel in Atatürk Boulevard, 100. Yıl Boulevard and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard. Emission release will decrease. It will encourage us to use the highway infrastructure more efficiently. It will make a serious contribution to the reduction of environmental and air pollution ”.


Stating that they will create speed corridors and remove instant radars in order to make the traffic flow safer and more efficient, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “We will increase the speed limits in the speed corridors. When we do this, there will be no instant radar. Not instantaneously over current speed limits, but average speed determinations within the distance between two points will be taken into account. With this, we want to prevent loss of life and property in traffic accidents. We designed a digital system that does not have a human factor and collects the fee electronically for parking with the license plate recognition system, as in bridges and highways. By using technology efficiently at the highest level, we will also reduce the human resource cost. Therefore, we will have made serious savings in financial terms, ”he said.

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