Sakarya Smart Bicycle System SAKBİS Prepares for Summer

Sakarya smart bike system Sakbis is getting ready for summer
Sakarya smart bike system Sakbis is getting ready for summer

SAKBİS, a healthy, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation vehicle put into service by the Metropolitan Municipality, is getting ready for the summer. Transportation Department teams carry out maintenance and repair of bicycles. In addition, SAKBISs are regularly disinfected.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Smart Bicycle System SAKBİS's are undergoing maintenance and repair before the summer. Citizens of all ages, as well as young people, show interest in smart bicycles, which are healthy, reliable and environmentally friendly means of transportation. While SAKBİS, which provides services with 15 bicycles at 120 different points of the city, has a great interest during the pandemic process, citizens can benefit from the advantage of renting a bike with easy membership at

Sakarya people prefer cycling

In the statement made by the Department of Transportation, it was stated that SAKBİS has become an important means of transportation both in the city and in short distances, “During the pandemic period, our fellow townspeople preferred bicycles. In our city, where people of all ages use bicycles, as well as our youth, SAKBİS also attract great attention. From the SAKBİS application to our smart bicycles, We offer easy membership and lease opportunities from, kiosks and subscription points. From the smart bike system, our citizens can perform membership transactions with both a member card and credit card, and enjoy the pleasure of driving easily. Before the summer season, we maintain and repair our bicycles. In addition, we regularly disinfect SAKBIS. We are waiting for all our citizens to meet our bicycle application SAKBIS ”.

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