A New Page Opens in Russia-Turkey Railway Freight Transport

Turkey opens a new page in russia railway freight transport
Turkey opens a new page in russia railway freight transport

A new page opens in rail freight transportation between Turkey and Russia. Following the Turkish export train, which departed from Ankara in February and reached Moscow in eight days via the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway Line, this time, product shipment began from Russia to Turkey.

According to the reports reflected in the Russian press, 5 tons of wheat bran were sent from Siberia to Turkey, traveling about 420 thousand kilometers as the first batch.

With the new route, it is reported that the delivery time of agricultural products from the Altai Region to Turkey will be shortened by half.

The wagons set off from the Aleyskaya station of the West Siberian railway in the Altai Region were sent to Turkey by rail along the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars transport corridor. .

Authorities emphasized that the delivery time of the products will be approximately 14 days, which will be shorter than the transit transportation over the Black Sea.

It was noted that the new route enabled the grain-weighted products in the Altai Region to increase direct exports to Turkey, and reduced shipping costs by eliminating transshipment at ports and freight costs of ships.

Under the current conditions, the delivery of products from the region to Turkey was carried out in a month via Black Sea ports. First, the goods that were transported to the Black Sea ports by rail were sent to Turkey by ships from here.

On January 28, the block export train between Turkey and Moscow set out from Ankara Station, passing through Georgia-Azerbaijan to Vorsino (Moscow), the destination in the Russian Federation, about 4 thousand 650 kilometers, 15 wagons, traveling in 8 days. and delivered Turkish products to Russia. The train carried 15 domestically produced white goods in 3 containers.

Source: .turkrus.com

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  1. new trade is expected to be developed. TCDD wagons should also be used in this transport (without changing the bogie and transferring).