Russia Transport: International Service in the Field of Logistics

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dear shipping

Our company, which has been operating in the logistics sector for about 21 years, represents our country in the international arena. Our company, which serves in the field of logistics for Asian and European countries, has added Russia to its international service.

Shipping to russia His service is primarily Moscow, and St. We offer St. Petersburg shipping, Kazan shipping, etc. to many important cities. We always take care to use the experience of providing services in this sector for years in a positive way for our valued customers.

In this way, we do our job with utmost care in order not to disturb the sense of trust we have received from you. With our wide vehicle fleet, expert drivers and qualified staff, we are constantly improving ourselves in order to provide the highest quality, most reliable service for you.

What Are Our Shipping Services To Russia?

Our company, which operates in international logistics, also provides services to Russia among European countries. Our shipping services to Russia are;

  • Partial, that is, the word meaning is not complete, there is part transportation. Russia partial We also carry out transportation to many important cities, especially to Moscow.

In partial transportation, which costs more affordable than other transportation alternatives, no matter how much your load is, all loads are carefully placed in the same trucks and delivered to the target. The issue that includes partial transportation in the appropriate price category is due to the fact that the loads of many different companies or businesses that have the same route meet in the same truck.

  • Another transportation service is Frigo transportation. Russia frigo transportation is carried out with fully equipped vehicles with refrigerators that can be adjusted up to 18 to -26 degrees. Frigo transportation can also be expressed in terms such as cold food transportation, cold chain transportation, climate controlled transportation.

Our company, which offers quality service at the most affordable price in the sector from Turkey to Russia or from Russia to Turkey in frigo transportation, which is very frequently demanded in the food and health sector, is always by your side in transportation.

Moscow, St. We have permanent vehicles in the cities of St. Petersburg and Krasnodar.

So What Are The Prices Of These Transport Transactions?

Russia shipping prices We are very happy to state that you are at the right address to our customers who want to have the best quality service in the sector. We take care to offer ourselves to your service by constantly improving all the vehicles we use in the field of transportation, with the plus aspects of the experience we have had for years.

Respected International Transport Services

As Sayginlar family, we are very happy to represent Turkey in the international arena in the transportation sector. Our company, which provides transportation services to Russia, is constantly working to do this responsibility with the flux of its forehead.

We are always in contact with our customers and deliver your cargo within the agreed time frame. It is a duty for us to provide the quality service you deserve with our insured vehicles and our fully expert working team.

Each freight we take responsibility for, including partial transportation or frigo (refrigerated) reefer transportation services, is our own responsibility and is our own product. For this reason, we consider it our duty to deliver without even a single damage until we reach the final point we need to reach with great care.

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