Rize İyidere Logistics Port Will Add Great Value to Rize

rize iyidere logistics port will add great value to the risk
rize iyidere logistics port will add great value to the risk

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Manager of Infrastructure Investments Dr. Yalçın Eyigün visited İkizdere district to attend the meeting to be held within the scope of Rize Logistics Port Project and to make examinations.

Make a statement at the meeting held in İkizdere AYGM General Manager Eyigün, the "Rize İyidere Logistics Port" project, which was tendered by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) on 16 July 2020, is a project designed and implemented by foreseeing very important gains to Rize. stressed that it was.

In this context, AYGM General Manager Eyigün stated that it is aimed to gain a port and logistics center with an annual capacity of 13 million tons in Rize. "In project scope; 2 thousand 780 m main breakwater, 460 m secondary breakwater; A total of 1160 m piled dock including general cargo, container, dry cargo, 280 m deep in-water concrete dock, 40 x 270 m Ro-Ro dock, 350 thousand m2 backfield area, 800 thousand m2 protected water area will be structured. The capacity of the port per year; 3 million tons of General Cargo, 8 million tons of Bulk Cargo, 100 thousand TEU Containers, 100 thousand vehicles are planned as Ro-Ro. said.

Rize Iyidere Logistics Port Will Revive the Economy of Rize and the Region

AYGM General Manager Eyigün stated that with the "Rize İyidere Logistics Port" project, the port activities of the region will increase and as a result, the production and trade activities will also increase; “Thanks to the increasing production and trade activities, significant contributions will be made to both the economy of the provinces of the region and the trade volume of the country.

Rize İyidere Logistics Port project includes construction, land transportation, retail trade other than motor vehicles and motorcycles; repair of household items; electricity, gas and water supply, textiles and textile products, real estate activities, mining and quarrying; agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing; food, beverage and tobacco, chemicals and chemical products, wood and wood products, refined petroleum and nuclear fuel, hotels and restaurants, rubber and plastic, postal and telecommunications; Indirect employment contribution will be provided to many sectors including cellulose, paper, paper, printing and publishing, electrical and optical equipment, water transportation and machinery. In this context, 1.000 people will be employed directly and 8.000 people will be employed indirectly in the enterprises serving in port activities. "He said in the form.

Cevizlik All Necessary Measures Have Been Taken Within the Scope of Quarry Activities

AYGM General Manager Eyigün, within the scope of Rize İyidere Logistics Port project, is planned to open in İyidere for filling material. Cevizlik Listening to citizens' concerns and concerns regarding the Quarry; “He expressed that there is no negativity that requires our citizens to be concerned.

Cevizlik The raw material production permit and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report were obtained from the General Directorate of Mining Affairs for the Quarry. In line with the EIA report, all measures have been taken to ensure that quarry activities do not harm the environment, and air emission measurements and environmental impacts will be kept under constant control in production activities. Groundwater tracking stations will be established and the flow will be followed in order to avoid any adverse situation. Waters that show surface flow in the area will be protected in a closed section.

Roads and shipping routes inside the quarry will be checked regularly. In the rehabilitation works, a vegetative soil layer will be formed on the steps created in the area where the operation is carried out and the existing natural life will be restored by planting and afforestation work on the vegetative soil layer. 10 trees will be planted for every 100 affected trees. "Used expressions



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