Cooperation to Support Restaurant and Tourism Employees

Cooperation to support restaurant and tourism staff
Cooperation to support restaurant and tourism staff

Within the scope of the cooperation between the All Restaurants and Tourism Association (TÜRES) and the Turkish Red Crescent, a hand will be extended to restaurant and tourism sector employees who are going through troubled days. Turkish Red Crescent President Dr. Kerem Kınık said, “I would especially ask companies that are suppliers to these sectors. We have employees and a large number of workers who are in need in these sectors. Let's make solidarity to meet the needs of people, ”he said.

With the cooperation between TÜRES and the Red Crescent, sector employees who are experiencing difficult times due to the pandemic will be supported. In this context, Turkish Red Crescent President Dr. A cooperation protocol was signed between Kerem Kınık and TÜRES President Ramazan Bingöl. Stating that the Ramadan campaign of the Turkish Red Crescent, which aims to reach millions of people, is continuing successfully, Turkish Red Crescent President Kınık said in a statement:

The sector experiencing the deepest trouble

“Our Ramadan aid campaign continues. We set out with the goal of reaching 8 million people. We have multidimensional support for families in need, such as food parcels, shopping vouchers, cash supports, festive clothing for our children and orphans, and hygiene packages. There are many sectors that have experienced the deepest of the pandemic for 2 years in a row. One of them is the restaurant and tourism sector. We will try to reach those in need by making a solidarity with this sector through TÜRES.

Open call to suppliers

I want to make a call to our philanthropists. Among these philanthropists, I especially want to address suppliers. Our suppliers, that is, large companies that make a profit through restaurants, restaurateurs, tourism professionals. This sector, which is your market today and creates your profitability, is in a difficult situation. Employees of this sector are in a difficult situation. It is time for you to reach out more strongly so that this sector does not collapse. I would especially ask companies that supply this sector in many areas such as food, beverage and service. We have employees and a large number of workers who are in need in this sector. Let's build solidarity to meet the needs of these people. Let's revive this platform with the cooperation of TÜRES and Kızılay. "

Cooperation to ointment to the wound

TÜRES President Ramazan Bingöl stated that this troublesome process experienced by the sector employees can only be overcome by cooperation and said, “Even if the Red Crescent, TÜRES and related institutions do not completely heal the wound, it will be an ointment. There are people who have not been able to work for 6-7 months. Kızılay, TÜRES and our state have not forgotten these people, ”he said.

Since the beginning of the Kovid-19 pandemic, Red Crescent, which has come to the fore with in-kind and cash aid in order to minimize the victimization of citizens, supported 16 food and beverage sector employees with the cooperation it made during the pandemic, and delivered aid materials it prepared to tens of thousands.

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