Personalized Treatments for Prostate Enlargement Make Face Smile

personalized treatments for prostate enlargement make the face smile
personalized treatments for prostate enlargement make the face smile

Urology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ömer Demir stated that these treatments give satisfactory results in patients.

Stating that personalized treatments take genetic and environmental differences into account, Life Urology Clinic Founder Urology Specialist Prof. Dr. Ömer Demir: “In the understanding of traditional medicine, it has been focused on diseases and it is thought that the treatment methods defined for diseases will be suitable for every individual. However, over time, it was observed that the same disease symptoms differ between individuals and the same results were not obtained from the treatments applied. Nowadays, the focus is on the individual rather than diseases and their treatments. This has revealed the concept of personalized medicine. Personalized medicine is an idea that emerged in modern medicine and became concrete in the early 2000s after the Human Genome Project. Personalized medicine; It can be thought of as adapting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time according to the individual, environmental and genetic characteristics, needs and preferences of the patient. In the concept of personalized medicine, the patient is important, not the disease and treatment method, ”he said.


Emphasizing that personalized medical practices are being applied more widely in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer diseases, Prof. Dr. Demir: “We expect these practices to become widespread in many medical branches in the future. For example, in the coming years, we will see that personalized medicine is becoming more widely applied in the field of urology. In this sense, many treatment techniques have been developed for prostate enlargement. Today, interventional and surgical methods for benign prostate enlargement are mainly TURP, HoLEP and other laser methods, TUMT, water jet, water vapor and prostate removal methods. Each newly described technique aims at a number of benefits, such as the need for less anesthesia during surgery, while trying to reduce the side effects associated with treatment. Of course, the multitude of alternatives we will offer to our patients for the treatment of prostate enlargement is pleasing. However, it is not possible to apply every method to every patient, and it is necessary not to mistake that every new technique is the most successful treatment method. When recommending treatment, the physician should recommend the most appropriate treatment by talking to the patient according to the patient's unique characteristics and expectations. The suggestion should be patient-oriented ”.


Emphasizing that personalized treatments have positive responses to the patient in many aspects, Demir: “Choosing a personalized medical approach in treatment planning for prostate enlargement will ensure that the treatments we will make to our patients are more successful, the side effects are less and the cost-effectiveness ratio is high. Considering that developments in health technology bring high health expenditures, we can say that health expenditures will become more effective with personalized medicine applications. Because applying the treatment according to personal characteristics will increase the success of the treatment as well as make the health system more efficient and reduce the treatment costs. During our medical education, our teachers emphasized "There is no disease, there are patients." "The practice of personalized medicine, which is a more systematic application of the principle, needs to be widespread in the daily practice of the physician."

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