Atakoy olympic metro services will be changed between the olympic ikitelli industry
34 Istanbul

Change in Ataköy Olympic Metro Services!

Change in Ataköy Olympic Metro Services! In the notification made by Metro Istanbul officials via Twitter, it was shared that the M9 Ataköy-Olimpiyat metro line services will be held between Olimpiyat and İkitelli Sanayi until June 7. Between İkitelli Sanayi-Bahariye stops [more…]

The golden rule to prepare individuals for the exit from the pandemic

8 Golden Rules to Prepare Individuals from the Pandemic

During the Covid-19 process, the way they do business has changed, the rhythm of work has become different, and the more difficult ones are those who lost their jobs, those who could not open their shops and those who opened a shop without a cover. Many contracts were frozen, some contracts were force majeure. [more…]

broken tram works continue
11 Bilecik

Studies on Bozüyük Tram Project Continue

Work on the Boztram rail system, one of the vision projects of Bozüyük Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu, continues. Measurements continue to be made on the route line of the rail system by the teams of Bozüyük Municipality Science Affairs Directorate. [more…]

Folkart Country Urla
35 Izmir

Folkart Country Urla Project Attracts Great Interest

Folkart Country Urla project, which Folkart is preparing to present to the public in its 15th anniversary, attracted great attention while it was still in the process of collecting demand. Folkart Chairman of the Board of Directors Mesut Sancak, in response to the interest they received, came to İzmir. [more…]

Who is Franz Kafka?

Who is Franz Kafka?

He was born in July 1883 as the 6th child of Hermann and Julia Kafka, who ran a fashion store in Prague. He is one of the Pioneers of Modern German Literature of the 20th Century. During his lifetime [more…]