Oyak Renault Receives Occupational Health and Safety Award

oyak renault received the occupational health and safety award
oyak renault received the occupational health and safety award

Oyak Renault was deemed worthy of an award for its "Zero Accident, Zero Error" application in the 'Strong Communication Safe Workplace Good Practice Competition' held within the scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Week activities organized for the 35th time this year by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Oyak Renault won the second prize with its "Zero Accident, Zero Defect" application in the "Strong Communication Safe Workplace Good Practice Competition" held within the scope of the 35th Occupational Health and Safety Week events organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security this year. kazanwas.

Thus, the "Zero Accident, Zero Error" application of Oyak Renault Automobile Factories was awarded as the most successful application in the automotive industry.

Oyak Renault's goal since 2018 is "Zero Accident, Zero Error"

Oyak Renault Automobile Factories gathered the components of occupational health and safety culture under one roof with the vision of "Zero Accident, Zero Error", which was initiated in 2018. This vision has been reduced to all employees and all stakeholders within the boundaries of the factory, starting with the commitments of Oyak Renault senior executives, with intensive and comprehensive communication activities.

All good practices in occupational health and safety and ergonomics during the year are evaluated and rewarded in competitions organized by Oyak Renault's OHS unit. At the same time, it is aimed to increase the awareness of working children on the subject with a painting contest held every year within the factory.

Aoun: Occupational health and safety has always been our priority

Stating that they position occupational health and safety at the center of the production process in Oyak Renault, Oyak Renault General Manager Dr. Antoine Aoun gave the following statements in his evaluation on the subject. “Contributing to the country's economy as Turkey's leading automobile manufacturer, Oyak Renault has achieved these successes with its human resources as“ an employee brand ”. Our employees, who are members of the Oyak Renault family, represent the highest value in our corporate culture. In accordance with this high value, zero occupational accident is the most important goal of the company in terms of Occupational Health and Safety. For this reason, our motto is firstly "zero accident" for each employee involved in our activities, then "zero error" for our customers. Occupational safety is not just about following the rules during the production process. Occupational health and safety is an issue that concerns not only the workplace and its employees, but also the whole society, as its focus is on people. It is possible to demonstrate safe behavior, to establish a safe environment and to continuously contribute to this issue by all individuals, thanks to the values ​​created in this field. It is also possible with the culture created by the same value that transforms the requirements of occupational safety from being "rules" into a "way of life". "

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