Autonomous HİSAR A + Firing Tests Successfully Completed

Autonomous Hisar A Shot Tests Successfully Completed
Autonomous Hisar A Shot Tests Successfully Completed

Systems of the HİSAR A + Project, which has an important role in Turkey's air and missile defense, continue to be included in the inventory. The Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System (Autonomous HİSAR A +), which has the Missile Launch Systems working in coordination with the Firing Management Device and all the subsystems required to operate alone after the missiles are included in the inventory, showed that it is ready to be put into use with this firing test.

Autonomous HİSAR A+ Shooting Tests were successfully completed at the Aksaray Shooting Range with the participation of the Defense Industry Presidency and the representatives of the Turkish Armed Forces. Developed entirely with domestic and national means, it has an important role in the field of air defense. kazanIn the HİSAR Projects, which provide drones, the performance of the system has been proven with the increase in altitude and range, and the destruction of the high-speed target attacking at medium altitude and long range with a direct hit.

Autonomous HİSAR A + will perform the air defense task of armored mechanized moving units. The system stands out with its ability to move in difficult terrain conditions, fast change of position, short reaction time and work alone. The HİSAR A + missile has high maneuverability and double-impact engine technology. The system has been designed and validated for use against aircraft, helicopters, air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles and especially armed / unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV / UAV). Designed in line with today's operational needs and threats, HİSAR A + will be a serious power multiplier in the country's air defense.

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