Ordu Is Proceeding On The Way To Become A City Of Tourism For 3 Months, Not 12 Months

Ordu persembe aktas beach will be the new favorite of tourism
Ordu persembe aktas beach will be the new favorite of tourism

The Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to make Ordu one of the attraction centers in coastal tourism, renews Perşembe Aktaş Beach and adds it to coastal tourism.

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. With the work carried out by Mehmet Hilmi Güler in the field of tourism, Ordu is taking firm steps towards becoming a city where tourism is experienced for 3 months, not 12 months. In Ordu, which makes a name for itself from plateau tourism to winter tourism, from waterfalls to historical places, the Metropolitan Municipality is also working on the development of coastal tourism.


Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has made many coastal tourism areas a center of attraction with its works, continues to work to create new destination areas.

In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality makes Aktaş Beach, located in the district of Persembe, one of the favorite places in tourism with the same name. The beach, which is used extensively by the citizens and has a great potential with its nature and unique identity, gains a modern identity with the works done.

With the ongoing works under the auspices of the Construction Department, restaurant and landscaping operations are coming to an end. Indoor and semi-open dining areas, a winter garden with a medium fireplace, a classic fire fireplace in the open area, a children's playroom, a stage area, male and female WCs, a disabled WC, 1 baby care room. The restaurant, which includes a kitchen section, 2 storage areas, staff WC and preparation rooms, will add value to the project and meet an important need in the district.

When Aktaş Beach, which will increase the attractiveness of the district of Persembe, is completed, it will become one of the new stops of Ordu coastal tourism.

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