Opel May Campaign Offers Special Offer Options

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Opel offers special purchasing options for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles with a wide range of products to suit everyone's needs and tastes.

Within the scope of the campaigns that will be valid throughout May, Opel Corsa can be purchased with prices starting from 176.900 TL. However, attractive payment options in the new Opel Crossland, Grandland X and the new Insignia await car lovers. Opel also continues to offer advantageous opportunities exclusive to its successful representatives in the field of commercial vehicles, Combo and Zafira Life. Throughout May, Opel Combo Life is on sale with prices starting from 189.900 TL, while Combo Life and Zafira Life models are waiting for their new owners with unmissable loan and interest options. Opel also attracts attention with its wide range of models and equipment options for users with SCT exemption.

Opel offers ambitious purchasing conditions with special financing options for May for both passenger and commercial vehicle models. In addition, Opel offers a wide range of models and equipment options for users with SCT exemption. Opel's successful model Corsa, which includes technological innovations and pioneering features in its class and appeals to every profile, can be purchased in May with prices starting from 176.900 TL. In addition, Corsa models offer 50.000 months, 12% interest for a loan of TL 0,99. The most equipped and technological Ultimate version of Corsa; continues to make a difference in its segment with its sporty bumper design, 17 ”diamond cut wheels, digital driver information display and superior safety features.

12 percent interest for 0,99 months

The new Opel Crossland; With its different features such as petrol and diesel options, AGR approved seats, double color ceiling option and new visor design, it continues to be in high demand from its fans. Special for May, 219.900 for the new Opel Crossland model

It is owned with prices starting from TL. On the other hand, Crossland models with automatic transmission offer 75.000 months, 12% interest for a loan of 0,99 TL. Opel's representative in the C SUV segment, the Grandland X model, offers a 90.000-month, 12% interest opportunity for a loan of TL 0 for certain equipment. Opel Grandland X models special for May with prices starting from 369.900 TL
replaces. The new Insignia, the flagship of Opel, which differs with its diesel automatic version in the D Sedan segment, will meet its fans in May with a loan of 150.000 TL for 12 months and an interest rate of 0,99%. New Opel Insignia for May is available with prices starting from 442.600 TL.

Special purchase options in Combo and Zafira Life

The Opel Combo family offers 75.000 months, 12% interest for a special loan of 0,99 TL for May, as well as special opportunities for SMEs. Special for May, Combo Life is available for prices starting from 189.900 TL and Combo Cargo for prices starting from 160.500 TL. Taking its claim in the commercial vehicle segment to the next level, Opel introduces the new Zafira Life model to the consumer in May with prices starting from 324.900 TL. The new Zafira Life, which makes a difference in its segment with its advanced technology equipment, solutions that make life easier and superior security systems, offers a 100.000-month interest rate of 12% for a 0,99 TL loan exclusively for May.

It removes the barriers in May

Opel Turkey also removes the barriers in May. Consumers with SCT exemption can choose the Corsa, Astra HB, Crossland models, as well as the Grandland X Essential equipment for May. Opel Turkey, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction, can access the advantageous conditions of May, the model options available to consumers with SCT exemption and ambitious financing conditions on the Opel Turkey website.

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