Breast Augmentation Aesthetics with Op Dr Ozan Fish

Dr. Ozan Fish
Dr. Ozan Fish

Breast enlargement aesthetics is generally among the preferences of individuals who want to have radical changes in their body. Due to the fact that aesthetic concerns are at the forefront and for some reasons, various surgical operations are performed.

People with small breasts can get the look they want with breast augmentation. For this, they also have a procedure.

First of all, as in every aesthetic application breast augmentation As in the process, various process steps are applied. There are applications made by individuals who want to have various changes under the influence of genetic factors, especially those who have regular care.

Kiss. Dr. Who is Ozan Balık?

Dr. Ozan Balık was born in Adana in 1975. Dr. Ozan Fish in Adana in 1992 Karşıyaka He finished his high school. In the same year, he entered Istanbul University Electronics Engineering. He left electronics engineering behind a series of orthopedic surgeries. In 1993, he started his medical education in Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine and in 1999 he received the title of Medical Doctor. He performed his compulsory service as his first place of duty in the Emergency Service of Viranşehir State Hospital in 1999-2000. 2001-2002 Worked as an assistant doctor in Göztepe SSK Hospital Anesthesia and Reanimation Department. In 2002, he entered Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. In 2008, the "National Board Certification" certificate was given by the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association. 2008-2009 Edirne State Hospital, Plastic Surgery Clinic Chief. Dr. Ozan Balık has been working in his Private Clinic in Istanbul since 2010.

When Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

It is also among the conditions that are deemed necessary to perform some applications, which are common in today's world, duly. Breast enlargement volume to the breast structure kazanThere are systems that have been developed to make it look and look in the desired size.

First of all, breast augmentation procedures using silicone prostheses vary according to the structure of the individuals. It is carried out by using some methods in company with the latest system technologies.

What Are The Breast Augmentation Methods?

As with many surgical operations, it is necessary to follow various rules in breast augmentation operations. For example, breast augmentation operations are performed using general anesthesia methods.

Since silicone prostheses are selected at the beginning of breast augmentation methods, care is taken to ensure that silicones are durable and healthy. Another method is provided by injecting adipose tissues. Fat tissues are taken from various parts of the body and are regularly checked.

What Are The Preparation Details Before Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction It is among the processes that are needed due to environmental factors as well as genetic reasons. By performing various analyzes and tests, it is decided according to the individual's own decisions and physical characteristics.

Tests and analyzes made on the basis of pre-breast reduction preparation details have come to the fore. By making an evaluation according to the results of the analysis made breast reduction operations are performed.

What Should Be Considered After Breast Reduction?

While there are various rules about what to pay attention to after the operations breast reduction There are procedures that need to be applied for. While it is necessary to take care not to lift weights, it is ensured that a sports bra is worn for a certain period after the operation.

When the necessary precautions are taken, breast reduction procedures will be arranged to give the desired result. It is carried out with the appropriate fulfillment of the points to be considered before and after the operation.

How is Breast Lift Performed?

Breast lift has taken its place among the applications performed by individuals who experience sagging especially in the size of the breast after the researches. It is applied to eliminate the sagging and other deformities of the breasts of individuals who have experienced the pregnancy process.

First of all, in order for the applications to give successful results breast lift operations are carried out as required. For example, after the outpatient examination before the surgical operation, it is decided what kind of precautions will be taken according to the physical structures of the individuals.

Who Should Be Breast Lift?

It is one of the methods that individuals who have deformed their bodies due to genetic reasons and also due to environmental effects want to apply. breast lift It is handled in an integrity. After the examination, the patient is informed especially about the methods to be applied.

Breast lift is among the applications performed by many people recently. First of all, it is essential to decide why breast lift operation is needed. As the age progresses, there is a possibility that the breasts may become deformed and lose their symmetrical feature.

Particularly examining the changes that occur in the breasts and deciding what precautions should be taken are among the expected results. Breast lift With the operations, the breasts will look more lively and lively and get the shape that individuals want.

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