Nouvelle Vague Reshapes Renault Passions

nouvelle vague renault reshapes its passions
nouvelle vague renault reshapes its passions

Renault Talk, a completely digital and exclusive to Renault event, took place on May 6th. Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo and Renault brand team shared the brand's vision: Leading the way in cutting-edge technology and services, with a more sustainable and responsible working style, energy transformation leader.

Renault Group CEO Luca de Meo and Renault brand team shared the brand's vision: Leading in the latest technology and services, with a more sustainable and responsible working style, the energy transformation leader.

"Nouvelle Vague": Electric, technology-centric and sustainable mobility


Renault, a brand that focuses on people, is stepping into a new era by introducing a modern wave to the European automotive industry.

“Nouvelle Vague” will transform Renault into a brand that focuses on technology, service and clean energy, and designs more sustainable, smarter, daily use vehicles and mobility solutions. This transformation coincides with the brand's DNA, which has been renewing itself throughout the 20th century and designing innovative and ultra-modern vehicles in every period. In 2021, Renault is working harder than ever to meet market demands to produce responsible, carbon-free, secure and scalable mobility solutions that meet consumer demands.

At the Renault Talk # 1 event, Luca de Meo outlined the approach that is at the heart of the Group's Renaulution plan:

The Renault brand, the leader in the industry in energy transformation, will be the greenest brand by 2030, and 10 out of every 9 cars sold as of this date will be electric.

Playing to the top in technology and service, the Renault brand is primarily shaping the future of urban mobility through the “Software Requiblique”. Over 5 engineers from 2 industry-leading companies will share their expertise in cyber security, artificial intelligence, data processing, software and microelectronics to deliver turnkey mobility solutions to cities and communities.

Renault Re-Factory, Europe's first circular economy center, takes the first step towards a more sustainable and responsible model with an annual capacity of 120 vehicles recycling or upcycling (including Electric Vehicles). About 80 percent of strategically recycled materials will be used in new batteries. By 2030, Renault will be the world's most successful automotive manufacturer in terms of the percentage of recycled material in new vehicles.

Renault also carries the “voitures à vivre” (cars to live) approach to the upper segments: By 2025, 7 all-electric models will be launched in the C and D segments. Arkana will be the start of commercial breakthrough. Representing the future of connected and fully electric cars, the new generation Megane E-TECH Electric will also be available in the near future. Finally, the improvements made in E-TECH Hybrid technology will continue and the highest level of efficiency and driving pleasure experiences will be developed for C and D segment vehicles that will be available soon.

New era, new logo

Gilles Vidal, Renault Brand Design Director, also gave tips on the use of the new logo at the meeting.

Sharing the image of the logo that will be the place behind the new Megane E-TECH Electric model, which is planned to be available for sale in 2022, Gilles Vidal presented 2 images of the improved cabin experience:

  • High-tech interior systems and first class screens
  • More storage space for more comfort and convenience
  • Redesigned line, space and materials marking a new era.
  • By 2024, it is aimed to present the entire product range with the new logo.

E-TECH hybrid breakthrough of the Renault brand

With more than 10 years of experience and approximately 400 thousand units sold so far, the Renault brand is the leader in the European electric vehicle market. Developing its expertise in fully electric vehicles, the Renault brand has expanded its electric vehicle product range with hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of its main models.

E-TECH hybrid technology is a modular and unique technology with its 150 patents and its contribution to the brand experience through Formula 1. With its hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions, it offers driving pleasure with the highest level of energy efficiency, while at the same time reducing carbon emission and fuel use.

In 2020, this revolutionary technology was introduced with three of the brand's main models, making the electric vehicle experience available to everyone:

  • Clio E-TECH Hybrid,
  • Captur E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid
  • Megane Wagon E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid

In 2021, with the Arkana and Captur E-TECH Hybrid and Megane Sedan E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid models, which were recently launched, Renault brand has an electric vehicle product range that includes 6 E-TECH hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Gilles Le Borgne, Vice President of Engineering, Renault Group, stated that by expanding the E-TECH hybrid technology with future generations, the brand is preparing for the future.

The upper segments, especially in the C-SUV segment, will be offered a new 1.2 liter 3-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor and an electric motor. By 2022, 200 hp models will be available with hybrid and 2024 hp models with 4 wheel drive will be available with Plug-in Hybrid by 280.

New Arkana: Sporty, hybrid and large volume

Preparing to compete in the international C segment market, Arkana's full hybrid design deeply affects the market dynamics. Arkana, the first SUV-Coupé to come out of a high-volume manufacturer, combines driving pleasure, comfort and spaciousness. New Renault Arkana E-TECH Hybrid, which has already reached 6 thousand orders in Europe as of May, proving that it is eagerly anticipated, is planned to be on the road in June.

New Kangoo: stylish and spacious

Kangoo, which has become a true icon since its launch in 1997, is also back. New Kangoo combines elegance, space and technology. The powerful and aerodynamically designed vehicle offers the largest possible volume with three full-size seats in the rear and an accessible stowage volume of 49 liters. The large luggage compartment has a flatbed stowage volume from 775 liters to 3.500 liters. Standard equipment has 14 new standard driving assistance systems for optimum safety. The new Kangoo will be available in both 5 and 7-seat models. By 2022, New Kangoo will be on the market with the option of fully electric E-TECH model.


Values ​​first

Fabrice Cambolive, Renault Brand Vice President of Sales and Operations, recalled the Renault brand's commercial priorities:

The 'green' breakthrough to strengthen the electric vehicle product range and take the E-TECH breakthrough one step further: Electric vehicles accounted for 25 percent of Renault sales in Europe and hybrid vehicles accounted for 30 percent of Clio sales in France. and to increase its market share in the C segment back to its previous level by accelerating the product range renewal process; Values ​​come first, sales volumes will automatically increase: Concentration on product quality and price positioning:

While proud of its French roots, Renault, as an international brand, also reviewed its business models in all markets. In this way, while increasing the profitability of vehicles, it is aimed to conquer new markets with new generation products.

Internationally, the Renault brand is investing in high-potential markets where it has historically been strong, namely Brazil, Russia, Turkey and India, while also examining risk levels.

In Europe, Renault continues to focus on key markets: France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK. The brand has a more visible and clear roadmap around here: Using E-TECH to strengthen its leadership in E-mobility with E-TECH, making more efforts to increase its market share in the C segment and commercial vehicles.

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