Necropolis Museum will bring together the 2 thousand 300-year-old history with the public

necropolis museum project will meet the public with a thousand-year-old history
necropolis museum project will meet the public with a thousand-year-old history

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will bring together the 2-year-old history with the public with the Necropolis Museum Project, which has come to an end. Necropolis Museum will enable local and foreign visitors to witness this history.

Studies on the Necropolis Museum Project are coming to an end. Necropolis Museum, with its ancient tombs and archaeological artifacts, will take local and foreign tourists on a historical journey of 2 years. Within the scope of the project carried out on an area of ​​300 thousand 9 square meters, the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Urban History and Promotion and Antalya Museum Directorate carried out joint excavations. As a result of the excavations under the supervision of archaeologists and art historians, nearly a thousand graves belonging to the Hellenistic period, Roman and Eastern Roman periods were found. There are many different types of tombs in the Necropolis, which means 'city of the dead' in ancient times. Artifacts such as tear bottles, terracotta pots, burials and coins unearthed in archaeological excavations will be exhibited under protection.


Visitors to the Necropolis Museum, which will make a great contribution to cultural tourism, will be able to closely see and examine the walking paths and historical burial sites. In the museum, where an atmosphere intertwined with history will be presented, there will be an exhibition area, a viewing terrace, a conference hall, a concert bowl and a section where funerals in ancient times are animated using contemporary museology techniques. Visitors will experience ancient funeral scenes in a dark room using technological images, sound and light systems. In addition, different types of cemeteries from various periods will be illuminated and a visual image will be presented.


In the Necropolis Museum Project, which Antalya Metropolitan Municipality carries out meticulously, the roof of the necropolis area was covered with steel construction in order to protect the archaeological findings from rain and sun rays. Glass walkways and balustrades have been completed on the site, which will allow visitors to see the historical burial sites up close.


With the completion of the Necropolis Museum Project, the area in question will take its place in the world literatures on exhibition, open-air museum in terms of contemporary museology and protectionism, and will introduce the religious-ethnic-economic and socio-cultural structure of Ancient Antalya. The project is also of great importance in terms of transforming Antalya, the capital of tourism, into the city of museums and enabling local and foreign visitors to witness this history.

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