Mitsubishi Electric Presented Advanced Robot Technologies

mitsubishi electric explained advanced robot technologies
mitsubishi electric explained advanced robot technologies

Meeting with young engineer candidates in a webinar organized in cooperation with Manisa Celal Bayar University, Mitsubishi Electric drew attention to collaborative robot technologies.

Meeting with students at the webinar organized by Manisa Celal Bayar University Engineering Society Student Club, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Systems Team Robot Product Team Manager Necmi Ömerdedeoğlu shared the brand's innovative solutions in the field of advanced robot technologies and collaborative robots with the students.

Intelligent engineering solutions and the use of robots are very important in production.

Saying that today's production philosophy has completely changed and more flexible and smarter tools are needed now, Necmi Ömerdedeoğlu continued his words as follows: “When we look at daily life, we can see that consumption habits have changed completely and the needs are diversified accordingly. Personalized products, from the phone we use to the clothes we wear, now attract more attention and the decision-making power of the end user is increasing. We need to integrate more flexible and smarter engineering systems in factories in order to respond to ever-changing consumer demands, increase production capacity and compete. In addition to personalized production, it is critical to invest in smart engineering technologies, to work integrated with smart cloud systems and to make the facility safer in order to increase profitability and decrease operational expenses in factories. The use of advanced robotic technologies that can meet all these expectations is also becoming widespread and preparing manufacturers for the future ”.

Robots that are flexible, adaptable and work with humans

Touching on the features of innovative collaborative robots developed by Mitsubishi Electric, Ömerdedeoğlu; “Our brand; For many years, it focuses on robots that are more precise, fast and can perfectly use the operation area in narrow areas. As Mitsubishi Electric, the most important feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is that the software solutions are offered together with the robots designed by our brand. Well-designed robots need to be able to respond to both personalized features and changing production and consumption trends. Flexibility, easy adaptation, adaptability to changing engineering systems and interoperability with humans are other indispensables of the new industrial process… This brings up the concept of collaborative robot today. Mitsubishi Electric's collaborative robots working with the precision of industrial robots; It can work with the operator safely, when there is no operator, it can work precisely at speeds close to industrial robots, and at the same time, our robots with high protection class can adapt to the harsh conditions of industrial environments. As Mitsubishi Electric, we are able to respond to the highest level of expectations of the manufacturers and, in the light of our engineering experience, we can easily provide solutions to their needs. he finished his words.

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