With Metrobus, Airport Lines Will Work Continuously For 24 Hours

ibb will be on the field in the urban home
ibb will be on the field in the urban home

📩 12/04/2023 08:02

Turkey entered a full closure period of 17 days. With the central decision taken to reduce the impact of the pandemic; There will be a complete closure in the whole country. Having spent its previous closing decisions with a busy pace of business, IMM will find the opportunity to work comfortably in the empty streets and streets of Istanbul. All relevant units of IMM will continue to work with the logic of mobilization. During this period, service cuts will not be applied for citizens who cannot pay their water and natural gas bills, and the needs of elderly citizens who have difficulties in shopping will be met if they wish.

Together with the whole world, Turkey has been struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic for more than a year, which was rare before. During the pandemic, the desired result could not be achieved in Turkey, where semi and complete closure was announced at intervals. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which has the opportunity to work more comfortably in the city streets and avenues that were empty in the previous closing decisions, will be on the field with all its teams in this 1-day period. IMM will also exhibit the best examples of social municipalism by not interrupting the city services and supporting the citizens who need help.

There will be no problems in transportation

IMM took a number of measures to ensure that citizens who are exempt from the curfew and who have to work due to their mandatory duties do not have problems in their transportation. In this context, IETT and Public buses will serve on all days between 04.30 - 00.25, integrated with other transportation systems and with tariffs applied on Saturdays. Travel data will be monitored regularly and necessary vehicle add-on revisions will be made when needed. In order to prevent any grievance, sufficient amount of spare vehicles and driver personnel will be allocated to the fleet order.


Metrobus, which is one of the most important transportation axes of the city, and airport lines: will operate continuously for 24 hours. On the rail systems M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M7, T1, T4 and T5 lines, the trips between 06.00-21 will be made at 00-minute intervals. During the closing period, M15 Levent - Hisarüstü Metro Line and F6 Taksim - Kabataş Funicular Line and T3 Kadıköy - Moda Tram Line will be closed to operation. While there is no change in the tariffs of the City Lines ferries for now; İSPARK, on ​​the other hand, will be pulled from the roadside during the closing period and fixed parks will work with minimum staff.


IMM's units in the field of energy also made some changes for the full shutdown period. While İGDAŞ revises the teller hours to 10: 00-16: 00, it will not cut the gas of residences and small tradesmen due to debt and will not remove meters. In addition, the bill will postpone the last payments after the closing. Istanbul Energy, İGDAŞ and UGETAM teams will also continue their work in the field.


Museums, bookstores and cafes within the body of IMM will remain closed during May. While daily affairs, including the support campaign for musicians and online Ramadan events, stage shootings, continue, in case the governor's permits are completed, Istanbul Bir Sahne will continue to shoot digitally during full closure.


The social aid package distribution project, which IMM implemented with the start of the pandemic last year, will continue in this closing period. Within the scope of social assistance (aid package distribution team), cleaning, office and technical services, food production and delivery services; The service will continue in Kartal and Tekzen parcel distribution warehouses, fire kitchens and Logistics Support Center locations.


IMM teams will provide support in meeting their basic needs, such as shopping, in case of demand from citizens of advanced age groups who cannot meet their needs during the complete closure process or those with severe illnesses. In addition, health and public workers who have difficulties in accessing hospitals, jobs and homes will be assisted in transportation.


With the announcements to be made from the service vehicles affiliated to the IMM Police Department, it will be ensured that the implementation of full-time curfew restriction measures will be shown. In unfavorable weather conditions, homeless citizens staying on the street will be taken from where they are and transferred to the places (hotels, facilities) where IMM's accommodation is provided. On the other hand, workplaces that should be closed in areas remaining under the authority and responsibility of IMM will be controlled.


Affiliated to the Health and Hygiene Directorate serving within the IMM Directorate of Health; Patient care appointments will continue at Tozkoparan, Kayışdağı (Darülaceze) and Şehzadebaşı Medical Centers. Health services will be brought to the feet of the citizens with the plans made to prevent interruptions in home health services.

The shifts were rearranged according to the new closing process in order to avoid any interruption in the service of Darülaceze guests. In the community mental health service (PDM / PTM), the appointments made on ALO 153 will not be canceled and the face-to-face therapy process will continue. Within the scope of winter services, homeless citizens hosted in Florya were transferred to the center in Kıraç. Residents will continue to receive services at centers in Florya and Kıraç, with support from Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ until the end of the closing process.


During the 17-day closure period, the camp in Şile, which serves under the Social Services Department, will not be served. In this process, the Education Center for Individuals with Special Needs (ÖZGEM) will also be closed during the closing. Children with special needs between the ages of 2 and 14 will be provided with online / telephone support by professionals and a driver will be kept waiting for any situation in the transportation services offered to these individuals. Medical equipment support and medical maintenance and repair services will continue without interruption. Mahalle Evleri, located in the service area of ​​the Social Services Directorate, will remain closed for 17 days. All staff will be on site for social review.


Children's activity centers (YUVAMIZ ISTANBUL) and Family Counseling and Education Centers (ISADEM) under the Directorate of Women and Family Services will be closed for 17 days. İSADEMs will serve by starting the online training process. As a result of the search for citizens who receive services in connection with the closure of children's activity centers, in order not to have difficulties for working parents during the closure; Esenyurt Children's Activity Center (YUVAMIZ İSTANBUL) will be kept open. In addition, Bahçelievler Kocasinan Children's Activity Center (YUVAMIZ İSTANBUL) will provide service upon the request of healthcare professionals.


IMM will provide maintenance and repair services to the historical heritage of Istanbul during this period of closure. Among the 24 monuments to be maintained, repaired and cleaned by the Cultural Heritage Department; mosque, church, tomb, fountain and inn.


European and Anatolian Side Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate teams will pour 12 tons of asphalt in total, 988 tons on the Anatolian Side and 73 tons on the European Side.


In the closing period of 17 days, teams affiliated to the Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate will also carry out renovation and improvement works in underpasses, overpasses, parking lots, asphalt, streets and avenues on both sides.


The works carried out by the Department of Science can be completed early due to the full closure decision. Kadıköy Fikirtepe Zoning Transportation Roads Construction, Kadıköy Kurbağalıdere Yoğurtçu Park Inter-Moda Marine Structure and Landscaping Construction, Başakşehir Ispartakule Area TCDD Line Highway Overpass Work, Kadıköy, Fikirtepe Ramp Bridge Work is earlier than the planned date, that is, 20 May 2021. will be finished. Büyükçekmece Alkent 200 Neighborhood Hadımköy - Istanbul Street - Yiğittürk Street Intersection Pedestrian Overpass Construction will be completed on 30 August 2021.


Highlights from the works to be carried out by other IMM units that will be on the field during the 17-day full closure period are as follows:

BELTUR AS: It will continue its activities in hospitals. Gashane construction will continue.

İSYON AS: In Gürpınar Aquaculture Market, the auction will continue for five days, except Saturday and Sunday nights. Within the scope of maintenance and repair works of sacrificial sales and slaughter areas, relevant units of IMM will continue their work in these areas. The seedling production activity in the Kemerburgaz greenhouse, the distribution of the seedlings grown and procured from outside, and the work of those in charge of this scope will continue.

HALK BREAD AŞ - HAMİDİYE AŞ: In the closing period, production and distribution will continue at the normal pace of work.

I İSTTELKO:  Data center, wifi and wireless services will continue, including the holiday.

ISTAC AS: Approximately 245 hospital gardens and their surroundings in Istanbul will be cleaned. More sensitive cleaning will be made of difficult or difficult to enter points in heavy traffic. In joint coordination with some district municipalities, mass cleaning will be carried out in the central parts of the district.

ISFALT AS: Priority will be given to closing the places opened by İSKİ, especially Silivri, Sisli, Bakırköy and Beylikdüzü. In addition, the construction of the roads that IMM has built from scratch will continue.

ISBAK AS: In coordination with the Department of Transportation; With the decrease in traffic, tunnel maintenance and the installation of intersection control systems will be accelerated.

Anatolian and European Sides Green Area Implementation Directorate: E-5, TEM and FSM Bridge, connection roads, intersections, medians; soil laying, planting of the bushes and irrigation works.

Head Office of Mukhtars and Food Department: Stray animal rehabilitation activities, response to sick and injured animal reports and feeding services for stray animals will continue. Within the scope of the "Summer Seedling Support" provided to the farmers, the seedling distribution will be made without interruption to the farmers who are entitled to receive seedlings.

Cemeteries Department: His teams will be on duty in order to avoid any interruption in funeral services.

Youth and Sports Directorate: Within the scope of youth and sports services; It is aimed to reach approximately 30 thousand people with the live broadcast service "Workout at Home" that will be held between 30 April - 16 May 2021 at the studios located in the Cemal Kamacı Sports Complex with approximately 200 personnel.

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