Online Information Technologies and Coding Training from Mercedes-Benz to Star Girls

informatics technologies and coding trainings that can be translated from mercedes benz to star girls
informatics technologies and coding trainings that can be translated from mercedes benz to star girls

Mercedes-Benz continues to provide scholarships to female students who want to have a profession within the scope of the "Every Girl is a Star" project, which was implemented in cooperation with the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (ÇYDD) in 2004, as well as contributing to different fields.

The “Every Girl is a Star” project, which was initiated by Mercedes-Benz together with ÇYDD (Association for the Support of Contemporary Life) in 2004 by supporting 17 female students in 200 provinces, has been continuing for 17 years without interruption. Mercedes-Benz, which provides scholarships to vocational high school students within the scope of the project, continues to support university-winning scholarship students. Within the scope of the project, 1.200 students are awarded scholarships every year.

The "Every Girl is a Star" project continues its education online this year, as it did last year, due to the pandemic that affected the whole world in 2020. Thanks to the live trainings, students who are included in the "Every Girl is a Star" project are supported regardless of the conditions.

Trainings take place with live broadcasts on the internet

Mercedes-Benz Information Technologies Training Program, prepared for students, "Manages Technology Manages Their Future" started on April 28th. 65 students are receiving education in the program that will continue until June. Star Girls, who are able to make their own practices in trainings, become digital citizens by developing their 21st century skills, while strengthening their ties with technology in any profession they want to turn in the future.

Computer Science and Coding Education continues for 4 years

In 2018, Mercedes-Benz included professional development trainings in the personal development activities it has offered for many years in order to deepen the "Every Girl is a Star" project and increase the impact. In this context, "Computer Science and Coding Trainings" continue to be given to scholars every year in cooperation with

Business opportunities are created for graduate scholars

Mercedes-Benz also offers employment opportunities to Yıldız Girls who have completed their education. Yıldız Girls, who have been employed by completing their education to date, constitute 20 percent of the blue-collar employees of Mercedes-Benz.

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