New Global Responsibilities for Mercedes-Benz Türk

mercedes benz turke new global responsibilities
mercedes benz turke new global responsibilities

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which has been serving in its operations in Turkey for more than 50 years, continues to increase the employment it provides with the Hoşdere Bus Factory and Aksaray Truck Factory with new responsibilities in areas such as IT, engineering and purchasing. With the new responsibilities taken, service exports are also provided.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Chief Executive Officer Süer Sülün; “We contribute to the employment of our country by increasing our exports from Turkey to the world, not only with our production and R&D activities, but also in many different areas where we have proven our competence. With the new responsibilities we assumed as Mercedes-Benz Türk; We export services to many countries of the world, especially Germany, France, Portugal, Russia, China, Japan, Brazil and India. While assuming new duties in global markets by proving our country's qualified workforce to the whole world, we also continue to contribute to the Turkish economy. " said.

Mercedes-Benz Türk contributes in the field of contract management

Established in 2017 at Mercedes-Benz Türk with a staff of 28 people, the "Purchasing Support Department" contributes to the contract management of automobile, bus and truck factories in Europe. In addition, services such as bidding and evaluation, company data management, supplier certificate management started to be provided. In line with the increasing responsibilities, Mercedes-Benz Türk, which employs 2020 more people in 38, aims to add more than 2021 people in 30. In the near future, it is planned to continue working without slowing down to offer new services such as mold and change management.

Engineering service from Aksaray to the "Global Sample Association"

Mercedes-Benz Türk Aksaray Truck Factory started to provide engineering services to the "Global Sample Association" of Daimler Truck AG with the Pre-Production Engineering Unit established in 2017. With this service in which 30 engineers and 7 technical personnel are employed; Feasibility analysis of global product projects in mass production, feasibility analysis of change management scopes, prototype vehicle production, international studies for future technologies, and the application of global customer special requests to vehicles are carried out.

While global sample studies are performed digitally and physically, current technologies such as "Virtual Reality" and "Mixed Reality" are also used during digital applications. In physical applications, parts are produced with a 3D printer.

IT services to global projects with Mercedes-Benz Türk IT Competence Center

Mercedes-Benz Türk works as a competence center in many areas such as VR / AR, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Analytics and Quality Management. Besides providing the support of many modules and applications, it also undertakes the project leadership and presentation of some projects to the customer. In this context, Mercedes-Benz Türk, which provides services to all Evobus locations, provides IT services to Germany, China, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Portugal, France and India for the truck product group. Employing 14 people within this scope in line with its responsibilities, Mercedes-Benz Türk aims to recruit nearly 2021 people in 100.

In addition to all these projects, it also provides services in new generation technologies and fields such as VR / AR, RPA, Data Analysis.

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