Metro Bridge Collapsed in Mexico 23 Dead 70 Injured

Metro bridge in mexico crashed and wounded
Metro bridge in mexico crashed and wounded

The Metro Bridge in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, collapsed on cars passing below with the subway on it. In the accident, 23 people died and 70 people were injured.

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum announced to reporters at the scene that the injured were being treated in the surrounding hospitals. In the incident that took place on Monday evening at local time, a part of the bridge collapsed and a subway on line 12 crashed on the ground. It is reported that there were cars under the bridge in the accident where many wagons were intertwined.

Mayor Sheinbaum announced that rescue teams were trying to get the wounded out by reaching the wagons hanging from the standing part of the bridge by ladders, but rescue efforts were suspended due to the risk of hanging wagons. Mexican media reported that residents of the region have been trying to inform the authorities that the columns carrying the bridge in the southeast of the city have been damaged for years. In addition, allegations of corruption were also voiced during the construction of the subway line in question. In 2014, shortly after the line was put into operation, metro line 12 stopped its services for a long time due to repair works.

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