Work Stopped on Kocaeli City Hospital Tram Line

Construction works stopped on the Kocaeli City Hospital tram line
Photo: Ozgur Kocaeli

The lawsuit filed on the grounds that Eze İnşaat, which received the Kocaeli City Hospital tram line project, did not have a qualification certificate. kazanAfter the acquisition, the company terminated its activities in the region. Eze İnşaat ended its work in the City Hospital and Bekirpaşa region and pulled the construction machines in the region.


According to the report of Süriye Çatak Tek from Özgür Kocaeli; “The City Hospital Tram Line project, which was tendered by the Ministry of Transport and started to be built, was stopped with a court decision. Since Eze Construction, who won the tender, did not have a qualification certificate, a lawsuit was filed at the Ankara 3rd Administrative Court by the Körfez Branch of Güneş Asfalt Trade and Industry Company. Since Eze İnşaat, who lost the case, did not stop the construction works despite the court decision, Güneş Asfalt firm kept a report in the region in April. Following the report, Eze İnşaat discontinued the works by appealing to the court decision.


Güneş Asfalt Trade and Industry Company Körfez Branch, which brought the tender to the court because Eze İnşaat, which bought the City Hospital tram line, did not have a qualification certificate, filed the case. kazanwas. In the lawsuit filed at the Ankara 3rd Administrative Court, the court board canceled the tender on 29 December. Despite the cancellation of the tender 4 months ago, as the works in the region continued, Güneş Asfalt made a determination in the construction area and recorded that the works were not stopped despite the court decision.


After the detection, Eze İnşaat stopped the works and pulled all its vehicles and employees in the region. Eze Insaat, which is expected to vacate the construction site before the feast, objected to the court. According to the result of the objection of Eze Construction, the fate of the tram line will be determined. If the court rejects the appeal, the Ministry of Transport will be tendered again. In case of problems at the ministerial level, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın announced that they can make the line with Metropolitan resources if necessary.

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