Kirazlı Olympic Başakşehir Metro Timetable Changes!

cherry olimpiyat basaksehir metro timetable changes
cherry olimpiyat basaksehir metro timetable changes

Due to the signaling integration of the Ataköy-İkitelli metro line, our flights on the Kirazlı-Olimpiyat-Başakşehir line were reorganized as of Wednesday, 19 May, between 06.00-22.00.

Until the works are completed, free IETT buses will be served between Kirazlı-Başakşehir / Metrokent and İkitelli Sanayi-Olimpiyat stations between 22.00-00.00.

Free IETT buses will pick up passengers from IETT stops at the following exits of our metro stations;

  • Kirazli: Disabled Palace Exit
  • Yenimahalle: People's Palace Exit
  • Mahmutbey: Windmill Outlet
  • İkitelli Industry: Organized Industry Outlet
  • Turgut Ozal: ESKOP Output
  • Sites: Atatürk Boulevard Exit
  • Başak Houses: Hurriyet Boulevard Exit
  • Başakşehir / Metrokent: Metrokent Exit
  • Ziya Gokalp: Ziya Gökalp Outlet
  • Olympic: Olympic Bus Stops

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