Istanbul Is Getting Another Valley Of Life

Istanbul is getting another life valley
Istanbul is getting another life valley

İBB continues to work for its 'Green Istanbul' target. Continuing its rehabilitation works on the Ayamama Stream, IMM established a life valley around the creek and added another 1 million square meters to the city. kazanwill yell.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluHe continues to work on the valley of life, which is one of the promises of . IMM, which made the improvement of Ayamama Creek, which passes through Başakşehir, Sultangazi, Küçükçekmece, Bağcılar, Bahçelievler and Bakırköy districts, has now started to work on establishing a life valley around the stream. When the valley of life is completed, a walking and cycling path stretching all the way to the Sea of ​​Marmara will also be available to the citizens. kazanwill have been raised.

“One million square meters of green space in the city kazanwill be raised”

Ayamama Life Valley works are carried out within the body of IMM Park Garden and Green Areas Department. Saying that the Ayamama Life Valley project excites them very much, IMM Park Garden and Green Areas Department Head Prof. Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin gave the following information about the project:

“Here, as it is known, there was a project around which there was a 15-meter highway band on both sides. Rebuild the valley instead of that project kazanWe did the research. We started a project work that stretches along the whole valley from the sea upwards. We want to include as much green areas as possible in the area. We plan to make all areas, including our bike paths, a permeable and clearly green area.”

Uninterrupted walking and cycling paths

When the Ayamama Life Valley is completed, a walking and cycling path extending to the Marmara Sea will also be available to Istanbulites. kazanwill have been raised. 1 million square meters of land in the city kazanSaying that the project, which will continue to work, will also have public transportation axes, Seçkin summarized the studies on transportation as follows:

“Starting from the coast, we will continue uninterruptedly from the Ataköy Beach. Some highways, transportation routes such as Marmaray and E-5 are found in the studies. With overpasses and underpasses, we have turned the area of ​​overpasses and underpasses into an uninterrupted route, allowing bicycle and pedestrian crossings. It is important that this area is uninterrupted. There are a number of transportation points on this area, especially railway stations. We have made direct connections to our valley from these stations. "

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