Are Hormones Causing Curiosity for Big Hip?

Is the reason for the curiosity of big hips is hormones?
Is the reason for the curiosity of big hips is hormones?

Aesthetic Surgeon Op. Dr. Furkan Certel underlines that natural looking aesthetics attract more attention. Curved lines and natural curves take the place of 90-60-90 measurements. The ever-changing fashion of large hips is explained by the hormonal structure of the human being. While the big hip corresponds to high estrogen, it is stated that the appearance of the fuller buttocks in men activates the testosterone level.

Small breasts in the 1920s, athletic looks in the 40s, hourglass sizes in the 50s, and zero sizes in the 60s were in fashion. By the end of the 90's, the prominence of natural forms, meeting of aesthetic appearance with functionality was the harbinger of great changes in the field of plastic surgery. Operations that fit the natural symmetry of the face and offer comfort pointed to the future of naturalness. When the calendars showed the 2000s, the 90-60-90 body standards that settled in our lives with the emphasis on "Ideal body" gave way to freer body standards with the belief that the form one wants in one's own body is the best for him. Natural body forms shaped the understanding of beauty in fashion. Today, when the 90-60-90 body fashion is shelved, aesthetic surgery operations for a fit body and plump hips are very popular with women.

Exemplary stars with their plump hips shape our perception of beauty

Beauty trends, fashion icons and popular culture figures play an important role in changing body perception. The wide hips, which came to the fore with the dances of icons such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira at the beginning of the 2000s, appear by increasing the trend that has not lost for centuries. The appearance of icons like Kim Kardashian makes many women resort to Brazilian butt surgeries today, but popular culture is not thought to be the only reason why plump hips challenge changing fashion trends. Experts say that our hormones also play a role in the liking for plump buttocks.

Why did we give up the 90-60-90 beauty standard?

Wide hips continue to be indispensable for women by strengthening their place in the understanding of beauty despite the past years. It is stated that it is no coincidence that large hips, which have become the equivalent of attractive appearance today, are equated with attraction. Aesthetic Surgeon Op. Dr. Furkan Certel draws attention to the connection of big hips with hormones: “We know that large hips are associated with estrogen in women and stimulate testosterone production in men. We tend to chemically like fuller hips. In the light of this information, we are not surprised that among the plastic surgery operations, the most demanded surgeries are Brazilian buttocks, ”he says.

A healthy body means a fit appearance

Fit look is preferred with natural curves. For a tight abdomen and a healthy and fit body, women apply to other plastic surgery operations such as fat removal and tummy tuck. Aesthetic Surgeon Op. Dr. Furkan Certel continues his words about the need to be fit: “Fit appearance indicates a healthy body. People genetically encoded for reproduction tend to choose partners based on their fertility. "We attach importance to fit appearance because it creates a healthy body perception."

Undergoing aesthetic operations with the expertise of developing technology and surgeons is usual among today's women, but expert Furkan Certel reminds the need to get support from professional plastic surgeons: “Aesthetic surgery, interventions for beauty are now a routine part of almost every woman's life, but with the support of a specialist plastic surgeon, they are reliable. "It is a must to have an operation in the centers."

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