Kapıköy Van Bus Flights Start For Iranian Tourists

Kapikoy van bus services start
Kapikoy van bus services start

Buses to be carried by Iranian Tourists between the city center of Van Metropolitan Municipality and Saray Kapıköy start their trips with the opening of the door.

4 Mercedes branded 4 buses, which Van Metropolitan Municipality added to its fleet to serve Iranian tourists, will start their morning voyages on Tuesday, May 18, with the opening of the Kapıköy border gate. The buses with a capacity of 50 + 1 passenger transport will return between Van city center-Saray Kapıköy and Saray Kapıköy-Van Center every 2 hours.

The first of the buses will depart from the intercity bus terminal at 07.00:XNUMX tomorrow morning.

Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the Governor of Van and the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the point where Iranian tourists complained the most is the transportation from Kapıköy to the center and stated that the buses will move with the logic of HAVAŞ.

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