International Great Silk Road and Turkic World Conference was Held

international great silk road and turkish world conference was held
international great silk road and turkish world conference was held

The international scientific conference "Great Silk Road and the Turkic World" and the presentation ceremony of the book "On the Azerbaijan Silk Road" was held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, of the International Turkish Culture and Heritage Foundation. At the event, President of the Foundation Günay Efendiyeva gave information about the projects that are being worked on to protect the culture and heritage of the Turkish world.

Referring to the importance of the Great Silk Road study for the Foundation, Günay Efendiyeva, IV. Within the framework of the World Intercultural Dialogue Forum "The Turkic World at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations", in 2017 within the framework of the 2019th World Intercultural Dialogue Forum, international organizations, as well as the Turkic Council, TURKPA, TURKSOY, UNESCO, IRSICA, Representatives, ambassadors, academics and Turcologists from all over the world held a roundtable on the "role of the Great Silk Road in building dialogue between Turkish-speaking countries".

Ancient artifacts in historical lands liberated from occupation destroyed

Stating that the conference was held on the eve of the Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan on May 28, Efendieva stated that the holiday was celebrated with greater pride than other years, on the occasion of Azerbaijan's reunion with its eternal lands.

Foundation President Günay Efendiyeva emphasized that one of the main crossroads of the Great Silk Road is Azerbaijan's historical and eternal lands liberated from occupation. He cited the ancient Hudaferin Bridges in the Jabrayil region of Azerbaijan as an example.

Efendiyeva emphasized that the original architectural monuments, caravanserais, ancient mosques and madrasas that existed for thousands of years at the intersection of the Silk Road were demolished as a result of the occupation policy. The Foundation Chairman said that, thanks to the justified victory of Azerbaijan today, artworks will regain their appearance in a short time and that this path will lead to development, peace and integration.

The project will be realized in the member countries of the Foundation

Stating that the publication of the book is the first part of the comprehensive international project titled “Turkic Speaking Countries on the Great Silk Road” carried out by the International Turkish Culture and Heritage Foundation, Efendiyeva stated that the project is planned to be realized in the Foundation member and observer countries. He emphasized the importance of bringing Turkish-speaking peoples closer together and promoting all Turkish cultural heritage.

"I believe the historical Silk Road will be revived"

Turkey's Ambassador to Baku Assoc. Dr. Cahit Bağçı also made a speech and thanked those who contributed to the publication of the book for carrying the civilization, culture and historical past to today.

Emphasizing the importance of the project, Bağcı stated that the book will be discussed in many conferences and said, “Not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, seminars and symposiums that will appreciate the role of the historical Silk Road, "Researches will be the basis for academic articles."

“There are very nice proverbs in Turkish. 'Light comes from the East'. It is shown here that not only sunlight, but also civilization was formed in the East. There is evidence that there are historical monuments dating back 10 thousand years in Anatolia. There have been historical traces of the Silk Road in Baku, Sheki, Kuba, Gebele as well as in other Turkish geographies. We can reunite the path of civilization by protecting the values ​​left by our ancestors, cooperating in every field, and prove that our strength is in our unity.

Referring to the Karabakh victory, Bağçı emphasized that Azerbaijan's liberation of its own lands from occupation made the whole Turkic World proud.

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