Decent Jobs in the Clean Energy Sector!

decent jobs in the clean energy sector
decent jobs in the clean energy sector

With the increasing demand for energy in the world and in Turkey, the demand for clean energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy obtained from natural resources continues to increase rapidly. Clean energy sectors are an important source of employment in the market of developed and developing countries. According to the estimates of the International Renewable Energy Agency after Kovid-19, 3 million new jobs could be created in the global renewable energy sector in the next 5,5 years, and the total employment in the sector could reach 2030 million in 30.

With the Focus Group Meetings organized within the scope of BEST For Energy Project, steps to be taken to increase the competitive power of the sector are evaluated. In this context, the 5rd focus group meeting was held on May 2021, 3 with the theme of "Human Resources Development for Clean Energy". Companies operating in the clean energy sector, sectoral NGOs, vocational high schools and universities attended the meeting. Participants understand the current human resources structure in clean energy sectors, the cross-sectoral transition of the workforce, the competencies that need to be developed in human resources and the green jobs of the future; discussed in 4 separate sessions on wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.

At the meeting where the human resources infrastructure of the future and the projects that can be implemented within this framework were discussed; Considering that students who are currently studying will constitute the workforce of the next generation, the importance of developing professional standards in the field of clean energy, bringing educational institutions and private sector together in a structured way and opening clean energy departments in vocational and technical high schools was emphasized.

It was also discussed at the meeting that the urgent establishment of a Clean Energy Vocational High School in İzmir would be an important step for İzmir to become the production center of our country and its nearby geography in the clean energy and clean technology sector.

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