Importance of Vitamin and Mineral Supplement in Babies

importance of vitamin and mineral supplementation in infants
importance of vitamin and mineral supplementation in infants

Healthy nutrition of babies with a sensitive body plays a very critical role in their growth period. Experts underline that the metabolism of babies who have gained a balanced and healthy nutrition routine is positively affected in their future ages.

Grain spoon foods come to the fore in helping babies step into the future in a healthy way and strengthen their sense of taste. In addition to being natural, cereal foods with high vitamin and mineral value are known as one of the main supports needed in the formation of a healthy program in baby nutrition during the transition to supplementary food. The fiber source in the cereal spoons, which helps babies to get a healthy age from the 6th month, also has an important role in balancing the digestive systems.

Attention to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that start from the 6th month

Emphasizing the importance of getting support from complementary foods in addition to table foods, Prof. Dr. Ferhat Çekmez stated, `` The vitamin and mineral deficiencies of babies, which are generally seen from the 6th month, also pave the way for health problems. It is very important to gain nutritional habits… In the event that vitamin and mineral requirements are not taken from foods adequately at these ages, spoon foods with cereal, which are rich in fiber, offer a very effective solution for babies with a sensitive body to maintain their metabolism and normal functions ”.

The importance of grains in the food pyramid

Stating that the nutritional and satiety of cereals that cover a wide area in the food pyramid of babies help babies meet their nutritional needs easily, Prof. Dr. Ferhat Çekmez also said, '' Grain-based spoon foods, which support babies to develop their palate and grow in accordance with the month, are of great importance in preventing indigestion problems and a quality sleep when they are produced by enzymatic hydrolysis method. In addition to the table meals of babies, thanks to the nutrition formulas specially developed for them, the nutrition programs of babies are also enriched and the way for them to take a healthy step into the future. ''

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