What is implant tooth, how long does it take to build? Wondering about implant dental treatment

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external coating picture

Oral and dental health is very important in terms of affecting the general health of the body. In addition, the aesthetic appearance increases its importance day by day. Providing a successful and professional service in Bartın for many years in the treatment of diseases that may occur in our mouth and teeth. Bartin Dentist Gökhan Güneş states that, in principle, the primary purpose of all dentists is to protect and strengthen the patient's own tooth, and tooth extraction is used as the last stage. Although the priority of all dentists is to protect dental and oral functions and to ensure their health, patients still may experience tooth loss. Bartin dentist Gökhan Güneş, patients with missing teeth problem Bartin implant dental treatment It states that a permanent solution can be provided to the missing tooth problem. So what is implant dental treatment, how long does it take? Here are the curiosities about implant dental treatment ...

Implant Dental Treatment

Implant dental treatment is very important for the general health of the person, as it mainly restores the chewing functions by treating the chewing functions, even if it is used to eliminate aesthetic problems, especially due to the missing tooth in the front part of the mouth, while the patient is talking or laughing. In order to solve both aesthetic and functional health problems due to tooth loss, implant dental applications are one of the most widely used dental treatment methods worldwide, because with this treatment method, patients have teeth that they can use for a lifetime that is indistinguishable from natural teeth.

The implant tooth placed in the jawbone of the patient can be used safely like a normal tooth for a long time, as it attaches to the jawbone just like a natural tooth.

How long does Implant Dental treatment last?

In the first stage, the implant is placed in the patient's jawbone. The fusion period of the implant with the jawbone may take up to three months depending on some factors such as the general health condition of the patient and the age of the patient. The dental implant, which is fully fused to the jawbone, can be used for decades without any problems as natural tooth roots attach to the jawbone and does not cause any problems regarding the chewing function. For this reason, patients should not waste time for implant treatment, considering that chewing disorders caused by missing teeth may also cause general health problems.

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