2020 Annual Report of IETT Approved

iett annual report approved
iett annual report approved

At the session held in the IMM Assembly, the "2020 IETT Activity Report" presented by IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili was approved by the parliament. Stating that the number of flights exceeded 2019 despite the number of passengers falling due to the epidemic conditions, Bilgili shared that the revenue budget of IETT was 2 billion 430 million TL and the expenditure budget was 2 billion 430 million TL.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council, Dr. It convened in the second session of May at the Kadir Topbaş Culture and Art Center. In the merger, the 2020 Year IETT Annual Report was presented to the parliament by General Manager Alper Bilgili.


Bilgili started his speech by giving general information about the institution. Stating that they provide service to Istanbul residents with a total of 9 employees from IETT and other IMM affiliate companies, Bilgili stated that 300 is one of the most unusual and very rare years in IETT's 2020-year history. Noting that they continue to provide uninterrupted service to our passengers while struggling with Covid-150 in epidemic conditions since March, Bilgili said that they are working for everyone to travel in the healthiest conditions possible.


Reminding the electric vehicles that have come into service in the district of Adalar, Blgili said, "We have achieved a high level of satisfaction by responding to the needs of our passengers living and visiting the district regarding electric transportation in the Islands." Bilgili shared that many women started to work in the institution with the principle of equal opportunity in 2020 and continued his speech as follows:

“Believing that there should be more female workforce in working life for equality of opportunity, sustainable growth and development, we prioritized the employment of female drivers in our Adabuses, and we employed 30 female driver personnel to work in our Adabuses in addition to our female bus drivers who were previously employed.”


Stating that their work and the services they provide were deemed worthy of awards by various institutions, Bilgili said, “Within the scope of the social media awards organized by Marketing Turkey, IETT was awarded the Golden Award in the 'Highways Transportation Category'. Our process of Putting Electric Vehicles into Service in Adalar District received the Jury's Special Award at the Atlas Logistics Awards. In addition, the 'Establishment of the Year' award given by the European Business Council was also received in 2020, ”he said.


Bilgili, who counted the transformation project in private transportation among the biggest gains of 2020, said:

“The Private Public Bus transformation project, which is an important innovation for Istanbul transportation, was implemented in December 2020 in order to increase the service quality of Private Public buses and Istanbul Transportation Inc. buses. In this way, all buses in Istanbul were gathered under the roof of IETT. The most important gains of the project are passenger satisfaction, flexible planning, integrated lines to subways, more trips and transformation steps in mileage-based payments to public buses. In the last quarter of this year, as a result of the cooperation of services, all buses operating in Istanbul with rubber wheels will be in yellow, and the last step of the project will be realized. As the first positive outputs of the new system, we have made planning flexible enough to significantly increase the voyage rates of private transportation vehicles. "

The headlines in Bilgili's presentation are as follows:


“As a rubber-wheeled public transportation, we have traveled 2020 million kilometers by serving 800 or 820 and a half million trips to a total of 16 million passengers in 460 with IETT and private transportation vehicles. Within this total activity, we have traveled 353 million kilometers by serving our 490 million passengers with 7 or even 700 million 223 thousand trips with IETT vehicles. Due to the pandemic, the annual number of trips of IETT decreased from 2019 million to 573 million compared to 353, by about 40 percent.


“Although the number of our trips has decreased by 40 percent, we completed our total number of trips above 2019 as IETT. The number of flights, which was 2019 million in 7,6, increased by 100 thousand to 2020 million in 7,7. In line with the increase in our total number of trips, we, as IETT, have increased our mileage compared to the previous year. While we covered 2019 million kilometers in 219, we traveled 2020 million kilometers in 223. "


“While our income per passenger has remained almost constant in the last 5 years, our expense per passenger has continuously increased in parallel with the increase in inflation and exchange rates. Our cost per passenger, which was 2016 lira per passenger in 3,2, increased to 2020 lira per passenger due to the fact that the trips could not be reduced as a result of capacity limitations, although the trips were reduced by 40 percent in 6,6. As a result of the increase in the difference between income and expenditure over the years, the ratio of income to expenditure was approximately 2016 percent in 55, while this ratio decreased to approximately 2020 percent in 35. "


“As the correlation between income and expenditure has not followed a positive course in the last 5 years, the rubber-wheeled public transportation service is increasingly subsidized by IMM every year and to a large extent. With the effect of the additional adverse effects of the pandemic, the support provided by IMM for our tire-wheeled public transportation services in 2020 alone was over 2 billion lira. "


After Bilgili's presentation, Suat Sarı on behalf of the Good Party Group, Abdullah Özdemir on behalf of the AK Party Group, Mesut Kösedağ on behalf of the Republican People's Party Group and Filiz Öztürk Çelik, a member of the Assembly of the Republican People's Party and Ramiz Polat, a member of the AK Party, took the floor. voiced their opinions on the report.

Voting was done after the speeches. As a result of the voting, the 2020 Annual Report of IETT was approved by the IMM Assembly.

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