Health Exercises in Complete Closure from IMM

Health Exercises in Complete Closure from IMM
Health exercises without ibb closure

IMM increased the sessions of home exercise series in order for everyone to have their full closure period physically and mentally fit. Exercises that can be done at home with expert trainers reduce the risk of many diseases and increase body resistance against viral infections such as Covid-19. Drawing attention to a study conducted on people who exercise regularly, SPOR İSTANBUL General Manager İ. Renay Onur said, “It has been observed that those who exercise at least 150 minutes a week at moderate intensity are much more resistant to Corona. 150 minutes a week means 20 minutes a day. Staying active increases our resistance to all diseases ”.

SPOR ISTANBUL, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), has started to offer exercises that can be done at home since March 2020, when the coronavirus epidemic was seen in our country. Professional trainers and national athletes also took part in the series, which invited everyone to act during the pandemic period when their living spaces were limited. Thousands of participants from Istanbul and different provinces of Turkey continued to be active with videos containing physical activity that can be applied at home. SPOR İSTANBUL General Manager İ. Renay Onur said that they increased the number of sessions even more during the closing period and invited everyone to participate in physical activity and SPOR ISTANBUL's online exercises to protect their health.

Those who exercise regularly are more resilient

Onur drew attention to a study in the United States, the result of which was recently announced. Stating that the study was an examination of the link between coronavirus and exercise, Onur stated that it was found that those who exercised moderate intensity for at least 150 minutes a week had two and a half times less probability of hospitalization, intensive care and death due to Corona.

Inviting everyone to physical activity for at least 150 minutes a week, Onur said, “150 minutes a week means 20 minutes a day. Like a 20-minute brisk pace walk or online exercise, all of these increase our resistance to all diseases. "We have been directing both outdoor and online exercises with all our might since March 17 last year."


Stating that they stopped the outdoor exercises performed at more than 100 different points due to complete closure, Onur noted that they increased the sessions in the home exercise series in order to keep everyone physically and mentally fit during the closing period. Drawing attention to the importance of staying active for individuals of all ages, Onur made the following warning for two different age groups:

“The people we need to be most careful about here are children and individuals over the age of 65. These people should not have a sedentary day. They will live much healthier if they exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. This period increases even more for children. This time is 1 hour on them. Unfortunately, the possibility of children who do not provide this movement to become healthy individuals in the future decreases. During this period, we need to move them as much as possible. "

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