IMM, Ceneza Call Center Makes Alo 188 More Efficient

ibb ceneza call center alo is made more efficient
ibb ceneza call center alo is made more efficient

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Cemeteries has increased its work with the increasing number of deaths during the pandemic and will implement a new service for citizens who have lost their relatives.

Alo 188 Call Center, a national line for funeral works, will be made available effectively in Istanbul by the IMM Cemeteries Department.

IMM will prevent citizens who lost their relatives from dealing with funeral procedures without knowing what to do in a panic. It will activate activities that will facilitate the funeral procedures of the relatives of the citizens who lost their lives.

The IMM Cemeteries Department, which can see the deaths at the same time with the receipt of a death report from the Ministry of Health and the dropping of the deceased from the Population Directorate, will reach the relatives of the deceased with the call center established and the contact number in the death report.

When the relatives are reached via the contact phone, all the requests they need such as burial place and transport will be received and the burial will be provided quickly after the funeral procedures.

Approximately 80 percent of the demands of the citizens about the funeral will be met without going to the institutions.

People who will take part in the call center will start their duty with 1.5 months of training, which is carefully considered in terms of psychological, sociological and human relations.

Our job is to make the process easier

Head of Cemeteries Department Ayhan Koç made the following statements on the subject: "In the Hadith-i Sharif, you say," Make it easier, don't make it difficult. We are establishing this system to facilitate the service to the citizens. Cases of death will automatically fall to the call center. The warning will come and we will take action with this warning. The call center will be assigned for the transfer. There will be information sharing to communicate between both the driver and the funeral person, and the funeral owner will be able to contact the vehicle and ask where it is and how many minutes it will be. We are aware that we must show great sensitivity in calls from relatives of the funeral. Because our citizens will be people who have lost their relatives. We will be sharing their pain and serve with the thought that your pain is our suffering. We will put 188 into service in a very short time. Citizens can forward not only the funeral about 188, but also all the problems, problems, requests about the cemeteries. "

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