IMM 2020 Annual Report Approved

ibb annual report approved
ibb annual report approved

President Ekrem İmamoğlu, presented the IMM 2020 Activity Report to the IMM Assembly. After a long session lasting approximately 10 hours, the Annual Report was approved. In his speech of thanks, İmamoğlu said, “I am announcing to the 16 million people of Istanbul that our faith and determination have continued twice as long as we started on the first day. I want the partisan mentality to end. If I see this understanding in my party, I will fight it.”

The 3rd session of the May meeting of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly was held in Yenikapı by Dr. It was held at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center. Presenting the IMM's 2020 Activity Report to the IMM Assembly for about two hours, Imamoglu said that despite all kinds of difficulties, obstructions and pandemics, they provided successful services to Istanbul residents in many areas.

After İmamoğlu's speech, the vice presidents of the parties in the IMM Assembly spoke. Following the speakers who expressed their views on the IMM 2020 Annual Report, the report was voted on. 121 affirmative votes and 164 no votes were cast for the annual report.


Zeynel Abidin Okul, 1st Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, stated that the report was rejected according to the voting results. The school said, "However, the report has been legally approved because the quorum of 5/393 specified in the 26th clause of the 4th article of the Municipal Law numbered 3 thousand 4 could not be achieved," said the school.

He said that the IMM 2020 Annual Report was deemed to be approved as the three-fourths majority could not be reached as required by law.


After the 10-hour session in the IMM Assembly, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlugave a speech of thanks. Thanking everyone who contributed for and against, İmamoğlu said, “IMM's activity report has been presented to you by us. Of course it has its shortcomings. Of course, we agree with your views on how to do better. We sincerely believe that our determination in this matter will bring us success. I declare this belief and determination to the 16 million people of Istanbul, in particular, that our belief and determination have continued more than twice as long as we started on the first day. I will continue to say everywhere that it is necessary to demand a new generation of politics and a new generation of understanding.


Referring to the debates in the parliament, İmamoğlu continued as follows: “In the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, where I work, no bureaucrat, no fellow traveler, no political friend gives instructions. It cannot and cannot be involved in any of the stages of the management of the process. It controls politically, has the right to control. Inquiries have the right to question, and they also have a place. This is the political culture we come from. I want the understanding of partisanship to end. If I see this understanding in my party, I will fight it. I promise you that none of my political companions - including our alliance party - will never, ever be involved in such processes. I will not allow that either.”

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