Hyundai Elantra and Santa Fe Get Full Marks for Safety

hyundai elantra and santa fe got full marks for security
hyundai elantra and santa fe got full marks for security

The new models Elantra and Santa Fe, which Hyundai recently introduced to the market, were awarded in the category of the safest cars by the American Highway Safety and Insurance Institute (IIHS) with their LED headlights providing high-level illumination. World-renowned IIHS, an independent organization, conducts crash tests and highway safety research at similar values ​​to the Euro NCAP in Europe.

The Elantra and Santa Fe, which won the 2021 Top Safety Pick award, are Hyundai's eighth and ninth models to receive a 2021 TSP or TSP Plus rating. Hyundai achieved the Top Safety Pick rating in its seven models, and the Top Safety Pick Plus level in both models. All TPS award-winning Hyundai SUV models have successfully survived the crash tests, proving how much they care about pedestrian and passenger safety. Hyundai also ranks third in the automotive industry as the brand that gives the most place to safety equipment with its optional FCA front collision assistant system (Front Collision Assistant) and LED headlights.

To win the TSP award, vehicles must be successfully separated from driver and passenger side crash tests. In addition, durability is evaluated in a total of six regions, including front, side, ceiling stiffness and headrest, where moderate crash tests are conducted. It is not enough for the body and chassis to be durable to get good ratings from all these crash tests. At the same time, whether support systems such as anti-collision, driver warning and lighting are on the equipment list also affects the results. In order to receive the higher level Top Safety Pick Plus award, anti-accident systems such as driving aids must be fully standard on the vehicle.

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