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seajet paint
seajet paint

Seajet paint; It is an antifouling paint called self-polishing with self-renewal feature. 039 Antifouling paint, known as Platinum, is designed to withstand high levels of pollution in the Caribbean regions, Northern Europe and Mediterranean countries and many seas. Antifouling paint application affects the speed of the boat. Antifouling paint provides high efficiency, fuel savings and prolonging the life of the boat. It protects the boat in which it was built from damages of algae, mussels, oysters and marine organisms.

Antifouling Paint Applications

Boats on which antifouling paint will be applied are removed from the water and their hulls are subjected to cleaning. Antifouling paint processes, generally referred to as boat maintenance, require care. If a different brand of antifouling paint has been used before, it should definitely be removed completely. Otherwise, you may lose both paint, time and money. Seajet paint is a high performance antifouling paint with self-renewal properties. There are 2 types of hard textured antifouling paints and soft textured antifouling paints. Soft antifouling paints are used in low speed boats. The application should be done by experts and should be used in 2-3 layers.

Seajet Paint Usage Time

Applying antifouling paint extends the life of the boat. It increases speed with fuel saving and high efficiency. Boat paint It provides ease of use. After cleaning and sanding the hull area of ​​the boat, it must be cleaned of dust and wiped with acetone. Seajet is a company of Japan origin. High quality and performance antifouling paints also take a large place in the Turkish market. Antifouling paint is applied as one layer of primer and one layer of antifouling paint. In order to increase the usage power and time, 2 layers can be applied.

When should antifouling paint be applied?

If the boats are not maintained for certain periods, it will not be possible to remove algae, mussels, oysters and organisms from the boat. For this reason, antifouling paint should be applied at least once a year, usually every 6 months. Seajet paint is left to dry by applying a coat of primer paint after the hull is cleaned completely and dried on the boat. After the drying phase seajet antifouling paint must be applied. Antifouling paint, which can be found in soft and hard types, should be made taking into account the speed of the boat, the sea and the duration of stay in the water. The only way to prevent the layer formed by the micro organisms called chymeros in the hull of the boat is not to neglect the antifouling paint.

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