User Training of HİSAR-A +, an Air Defense Missile System, Completed

User training for the fortress network, which is an air defense missile system, has been completed.
User training for the fortress network, which is an air defense missile system, has been completed.

📩 05/05/2021 11:28

User training of HİSAR A +, Turkey's first national and domestic air defense missile system, developed by ASELSAN as a prime contractor, has been completed.

User training of HİSAR A + systems, which will undertake important roles in Turkey's layered air defense, was completed with the participation of the representatives of the Land Forces Command (KKK) at ASELSAN with the satisfaction of the trainees. Expert instructor personnel of ASELSAN and various subcontractors involved in the project took part in the training. Both Operator Trainer Trainings and Maintenance Repair Trainer Trainings of the systems were completed in the trainings that were held in groups due to pandemic conditions and lasted about six months.

At the end of the training, all the participants left the ASELSAN facilities by gaining the knowledge and skills to ensure the most efficient use of all the facilities and capabilities of the systems in accordance with the general and tactical requirements of the KKK. With the help of simulators,
Scenarios for possible situations to be encountered in the tactical field were easily created and implemented. By using simulators and training missiles in different scenarios without using real missiles, aircraft or helicopters.
it has been ensured that the user personnel are prepared for possible situations that they may encounter in the field. As a result of this training program, where real shooting scenarios can be applied one-on-one, a cost-effective training activity was carried out.

Within the scope of the HİSAR A + Project, the acceptance firing test conducted at the Aksaray firing area on December 11, 2020 was successfully completed and the high-speed target aircraft was successfully destroyed at long range. The systems, whose acceptance activities were completed on February 18, 2021, were delivered to the user association and started their duties with the trained personnel.

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