Gökbey Helicopter Continues Certification Flights with 4 Prototypes

gokbey helskopteri certification flight
gokbey helskopteri certification flight

Developed by TAI within the scope of the General Purpose Helicopter Program, Gökbey helicopter continues its certification flights with 4 prototypes.

Serdar Demir, Head of Corporate Marketing and Communication of TAI, made a speech at the "Yıldız Technical University Defense Industry Days" event. At the event where Defense Turk was one of the press sponsors, Demir also gave some important information about Turkey's first domestic and civilian helicopter Gökbey.

Stating that Gökbey is Turkey's first domestic and civilian helicopter, Serdar Demir noted that together with Gökbey, Turkey is one of the six countries producing its own helicopters. "Since we have the design, we will be able to use this helicopter in many different variations." Continuing his speech in the form of Demir, the helicopter; He said that there will be a model in 5 different versions such as ambulance, fire brigade, cargo VIP and “offshore”. Demir stated that it is planned to start mass production as soon as possible.

Noting that Gökbey general purpose helicopter, which is stated to have 4 prototypes currently, continues its certification flights, Serdar Demir stated that serial production will begin after the certification phase.

Within the scope of GÖKBEY General Purpose Helicopter Program, cockpit equipment, automatic flight control computer, condition monitoring computer, mission and flight management software for nationally developed military and civilian light class prototype helicopters are developed by ASELSAN in accordance with civilian certification and integrated into helicopters.

In February 2021, TEI TUSAŞ Motor Sanayi A.Ş. General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Aksit announced that our national GOKBEY helicopter will fly with our national engine after 2024.

Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil had announced that the helicopter would begin to be delivered in 2022. Kotil said, “The T-625 Gökbey is a helicopter behind the front line. In its class there is a similar helicopter made by the Italian Leonardo. I hope we will sell more than him in a year. Deliveries haven't started yet. We will make the first delivery of Gökbey in 1. " had included his statements. Kotil also announced that Gökbey's 2022th prototype is in the production phase.

Source: defenceturk

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