China Adds Another Railway Line With Europe

A new one has been added to the gin european railway lines
A new one has been added to the gin european railway lines

A new freight transport service by rail has been opened between China and Europe. The line in question will connect Wuwei city in Gansu, China's northwestern province, to Duisburg, Germany.

The freight train, carrying 50 containers, departed from Wuwei's south station on Monday, May 17, in the east direction, to Duisburg. The distance of more than 9 thousand kilometers between will be covered in 18 days. Located in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu, China Railway Lanzhou Bureau Group Co. Ltd. According to the statement made by, this period saves up to 30 days compared to shipping by sea.

According to the statement of the processor firm, the exporters send the goods they will send abroad from the city of Tianjin and to a duty-free logistics zone in Wuwei, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Shandong provinces. These goods are loaded from here to the trains that will go out for export.

The first batch of goods loaded on the train for export totaled 739 tons and was worth about 22 million yuan ($ 3,4 million). The goods in question included items such as automation machines, industrial parts, stainless steel kitchen appliances, office equipment, and small household appliances.

Source: China International Radio

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