Fast Train Delayed One Minute in Japan Investigation Opened Against Machinist

fast train in japan delayed one minute investigation opened about mechanic
fast train in japan delayed one minute investigation opened about mechanic

In Japan, the high-speed train driver left the cockpit of the train, which was traveling at a speed of 150 kilometers, to go to the toilet, caused a scandal. The incident emerged when the company noticed a 1-minute delay in the train route and examined the cockpit images.

In a statement made by the operating company Central Japan Railway, it was noted that the 36-year-old operator asked a wagon attendant to take his place at around 08.15:160 am last Sunday, and left the cockpit of the train with 3 passengers for about XNUMX minutes. The mechanic confessed to leaving his post after suffering a stomachache.

It was noted that the incident took place between the Atami station in Shizuoka state and the Mishima station, and the wagon attendant, who took the place of the driver for a short time and did not have a license to use the train, did not manage the train and only sat in the driver's seat.

Due to the short-term absence of the driver, the train's one minute delay to the stop, was reported to the management center.

In Japan, known for the punctuality of its high-speed trains, the operating company apologized after the incident, and announced that the violation of the rules was reported to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. On the other hand, it was learned that disciplinary action will be imposed against the train operator and wagon attendant.

The train driver said that "he doesn't want to cause a delay by stopping the train and it is embarrassing."



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