Family Doctors Quit Work Between May 10-11-12

family physicians will use their administrative leave rights in May
family physicians will use their administrative leave rights in May

AHEF's 2nd President Dr. Hacı Yusuf Eryazğan said, “The discrimination that came to light with the injustices against family physicians, exclusion, ignoring, injustice of additional payment, and then the effort to take away our administrative leave right is now overflowing the glass. Therefore, we will use our administrative leave right like other public personnel on 10-11-12 May 2021, ”he said.

In the statement made by the AHEF's 2nd President; “The letter of the General Directorate of Public Health dated 27.04.2021 and 19, which was published by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on 30.04.2021, regulating the measures and administrative permissions for public employees within the scope of Covid 139494255, ignoring the binding letter for all public institutions and organizations in our country and this law. We reject the approach that would disrupt public order against the contrary hierarchy, and defend our right to administrative leave, which is protected by laws and related circulars.

In order to express our reaction against practices that ignore primary care, devalue family physicians even during the pandemic period, ignore our demands and suggestions, and damage our professional reputation; We announce to the public that we will use our administrative leave right like other public personnel on 10-11-12 May 2021 and that we will stop working by closing Family Health Centers. "

As AHEF, with the decision to quit our work for the dates 10-11-12 May 2021;

1. Our family physicians must complete the MHRS plans in the form of administrative leave and religious holidays throughout the feast week,

2. If there are vaccination appointments made on the days of administrative leave, it is recommended to cancel the appointments and ensure that registered individuals get appointments from hospitals, and to make arrangements in a way that does not cause loss of rights.

3. On the days when all public institutions are on administrative leave, the current vaccination appointments are postponed until after the administrative leave, or if it is not desired to be postponed due to the seriousness of the pandemic, announce that corona vaccinations will be administered in the hospital with the same appointment,

4. Since the right of administrative leave is a legal right provided to all public personnel and the leave is important and necessary for all healthcare workers who are going through a busy working period, the healthcare professionals working in Family Health Centers also benefit from this leave and are not invited to work,

5. ASM employees also benefit from the additional payment arrangement made due to the epidemic and causing unfair practices; An improvement in the basic wage for all healthcare workers, including primary care, that will be reflected in retirement, and inclusion of work on the epidemic at the weekend as overtime payment,

6.For all healthcare workers exposed to Covid-19 disease (including additional staff working in FHCs based on grouping criteria), the definition of work accident and occupational disease must be included in the legislation,

7.Implementing in the legislation clearly that the deficiencies should be eliminated in provinces with a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) and that the procurement of PPE should be met by the Ministry of Health and Provincial Health Directorates for all healthcare workers, including additional personnel working in FHCs,

8. Recruiting representatives of all relevant health professional organizations and trade unions organized in the health sector to the scientific board within the Ministry and to the provincial pandemic and sanitation committees in the provinces,

9. Ensuring a standard and continuity in practices during epidemic management in provinces (rotational work, administrative leave, assignment, etc.),

10. Those who are positive for Covid-19 or who are quarantined with a contact history, and those who receive cancer treatment, those with chronic diseases and those who have special conditions such as pregnancy should not be charged, there is no obligation to find a proxy and assignment; Ensuring that commissioned employees also receive assignment fees,

11. In order to end the status of different personnel in the family medicine practice, it is necessary to make the necessary legal arrangements for the recruitment of all healthcare workers who are still employed by the Ministry of Health from outside the public, proxy and contractual staff to the 4 / A public servant staff, and to eliminate the gap for family health workers as soon as possible. appointment of personnel,

12. To reduce the accumulation of epidemic and the risk of transmission between patients in family health centers; In order to reduce the number of outpatient clinics in order to prevent interruptions in preventive health services, which is our main duty, it is necessary to work with MHRS during the epidemic period.

In the statement made by AHEF, “In addition, we will provide all kinds of legal support to primary health care workers who encounter any problems because they benefit from the administrative leave right. We declare and declare that if the administrative leave right, which was declared for all public employees and finalized by the Presidential decree, is applied without including primary health care workers, they will leave their jobs in order to exercise these rights ”.

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